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So Long Gloversville

May 19, 2004 by  

Once I finally made the decision to move west, I realized the importance of making the “final trip” to Gloversville, my “childhood” home town in Upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Nothing of course is ever final but deep inside, when I realized it was time to ‘let go of the attachment’ to New England, the transition forward would be that much smoother and over the years, I’d look back less and less. Letting go always meant that in someway I’d become more superficial and perhaps even “lose my way,” if I didn’t have a New England base. Despite my numerous country and city moves, I always had Gloversville and Caroga Lake to return to to “reground myself.” I would find a corner somewhere on the lake to marvel, relax and take it all in. Find a hammock and read a book. Find a tree to climb and just stare across the lake, listening to the hum of the motorboats and jetskis. Find a trail to hike or a canoe to explore in. An odd weekend to choose, I drove to upstate New York on Mother’s Day weekend with ropes and a tarp ready to drag anything…

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