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East Coast Buried

January 23, 2005 by  

This is classic. Apparently the East Coast is buried in snow and sleet. My Boston and New York pals have been emailing and calling about the blizzard conditions and 40 below temperatures. Am I missing this? Travel was apparently slowed to a crawl; I well remember those long hours sitting on a plane at Logan trying to get anywhere in January and February, and sadly, often in March. Central Massachusetts has two feet of snow and they’re expecting as much as three feet in Eastern Massachusetts. Not to rub it in, but I took a run on the beach yesterday and was reminded why I moved west after reading these reports.

White Stretch Limos

January 14, 2005 by  

Client Teleo’s CEO Peter Sisson and I in front of our mean long white stretch limo in Las Vegas last week. Our driver’s name was Abe: visualize dark glasses, dark eyes when you could see them, dark pants, dark trenchcoat. Abe should have been in the photo with us. Img_2422

Vegas Monorail Needs Rethinking

January 8, 2005 by  

This was supposed to be a good thing…..a great way to avoid long taxi lines from one of the major “strip” hotels, such as Paris, New York New York or MGM Grand to the Convention Center. They’re clearly not prepared for cold weather (it snowed in Las Vegas today) nor are they prepared for 300,000 people passing through its gates. We stood outside in the freezing cold rain and snow waiting for a train to stop. An hour and a half later….. Yet, while most of us were frustrated over the service, or rather, severe lack of service, when it works, it works… Great, as long as a convention isn’t in town, which of course it the only time I’m ever here.

San Jose Impressions

January 1, 2005 by  

I’ve spent many New Years Eves or days ‘around New Years’ in New York, and China Town has often been part of my visit. For those who have lived in New York, London, Boston, Sydney, Los Angeles, and other major cities, there’s a distinct feeling you get from walking through ‘a China Town.’ I love the specialty stores and the markets where I can buy fresh produce. There’s something so raw and fabulous about buying vegetables and fruit this way….. I recently discovered San Jose’s China Town – I think. Maybe there’s more than my discovery, however, on the corner of Lundy and Hostetter, there’s a mini-mall complex (two really) that feels like a China Town – suburbia style. It’s authentic alright, but it’s part of this larger fabricated city called San Jose, which is part of an even larger fabricated community called Silicon Valley. It’s funny, but that’s how I experience most of San Jose. I hope my friends in the area are not reading this because they’ll never let me forget my impression, but that’s just what it is – an impression. And I’ve had it more than once. I often feel like I’m living in Orlando –…

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