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Club Passim

May 20, 2005 by  

Cambridge-based Club Passim is having an outdoor big outdoor festival this Saturday, May 21 in Cambridge Mass. Passim, which is based in Harvard Square (not far from where I used to live), is known for hosting some of the top folk musicians in the area and has been doing so for nearly 50 years. It was here where singers like Suzanne Vega and Tracy Chapman performed early in their careers. The festival will celebrate 47 years of music at Club Passim, which will include snippets from musicians such as Chris Smither, Jake Armerding, Christopher Williams, Spider John Koerner, Rachel McCartney, and many others.

Renewed East Coast Energy

May 16, 2005 by  

New York New York – such a wonderful place. I am always reminded how great this city is every time I set foot on its energizing soil, whether I’m here for business or pleasure. My favorite bar Le Ciel Rouge is now closed, so it was Italian in Chelsea and sushi in mid-town. Despite my addiction to Broadway, it took me years to finally get around to seeing Lion King. Thanks to Ray Kurzweil, my experience of it was third row center. Lionking_803724_th_3z The performance leaves you singing for hours, puts a skip in your walk and reminds you that your inner voice — your powerful voice — is always alive. Ah yes, Lion King also brings out the inner child in ways we need to do so much more often. I’m back at the Marquis again, the hotel that takes you as long to get to your room because of elevator wait times as it does to get from mid-town to the Village. Since my last visit, they introduced the Miconic 10, what they refer to as a revolution in elevator…

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