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Talking to the Wall: The Story of an American Bargain

June 27, 2005 by  

This post caught my eye because of the battle I have between convenience, great consumer prices and the quaint, small town America that we continually seem to be losing. It’s about a film that captures the story of two neighboring cities, one of which has managed to keep Walmart out of their town and the other which caved in. Did either really have a choice? Filmmaker Steve Alves documented both town’s progress and ideological differences between the one which houses a Walmart and the one which does not. “Talking to the Wall: The Story of an American Bargain” was ten years in the making.

Colors In Our Palette

June 23, 2005 by  

Logan: remarkably different somehow and yet it really isn’t. Not vivid. There wasn’t anything really that jumped and said ‘remember me,’ yet for some reason, I noticed color after color during this past East Coast visit…….it started with gray and muted dirty cream walls, and the American Flag near Luggage claim, more symbolic of New England to me than America. Sometimes I think we forget the impact of colors or lack of them, how they make us feel, what they make us remember or……forget. New England’s colors are easy to remember, easy to get lost in…..soft sage, muted yellows, Victorian blue, country barn red, hunter green and white picket fences surrounded by oak and sweeping willow trees, the kind we would swing from as children. …….the covered porch swing, weathered picnic table, the infamous Adirondack chair, creamy clam chowder, the familiar pink and orange Dunkin Donuts sign on every corner, a shack with a broken lobster sign, the silted jacket that my cab driver always wore…….. Yet, the airports, public offices and government buildings give me gray and muted dirty cream, a stark contrast from the vivid colors in my new West Coast palette. When we remember the impact of…

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On SF Sirens……

June 5, 2005 by  

Am I the only one who notices the frequency of sirens in San Francisco or perhaps its just my neighborhood? While I’m new to the city, I’m not new to urban living, although after living in my quiet tree-lined street on the border of Cambridge Mass for far too many years, perhaps I’ve “gone a litt’l soft.” It’s not something that keeps me up every night and yet, I can’t help but notice how often they wail. The time of day doesn’t seem to matter or be an indicator to what, where and why — the roaring noise echos in the distance at three am, four in the afternoon, mid-day. Someone recently remarked – “San Francisco has a lot of fires.” What’s a lot? I’d like to know. I’ve spent a significant amount of time in Manhattan and have lived in Sydney, London and Johannesburg and never noticed so many sirens. Clearly we need a loud alert of some form to let traffic know its time to move right when a fire truck or ambulance approaches, but are there alternatives? We have traditionally used them for emergency alerts, so perhaps we’re stuck with those blaring sirens, even though…

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