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I Dance, Therefore I Am…..

December 29, 2005 by  

I have ALWAYS loved this saying……I Dance, Therefore I Am. Almost as much as I love Dance as if No one was watching……I subscribe to both. What a beautiful write, a beautiful read. In Wired (yes Wired….), they quote Kafka in a letter he wrote to Milena: “One can think about someone far away and one can hold on to someone nearby; everything else is beyond human power. Writing letters, on the other hand, means exposing oneself to the ghosts, who are greedily waiting precisely for that. Written kisses never arrive at their destination; the ghosts drink them up along the way.” How beautiful — and sad is that? Thanks for including it in the piece, but then I lose connection on the reference to this ghostliness reference, which “is also the hazard of computing…” Yet, sadly another part of me relates more than I want it to……. But then he brings me back. I like this guy. He weaves Brian Eno into the picture who was quoted in Wired in 1995 as saying, “Do you know what I hate about computers? The problem with computers is that there is not enough Africa in them.…

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The Birdhouses Chronicles

December 24, 2005 by  

I’ve been thinking about the country a lot lately……my grandad used to build birdhouses – is this why I picked up the book? Could it be the season of jolly, which often reminds me about silent time on country lanes (and trips to the sea)?? Author Cathleen Miller exchange San Francisco living for a rural life in an old Pennsylvania house. Read tales about things we don’t consider on a daily basis. Although I have had similar experiences in the past, you wouldn’t know it seeing me on my sister’s upstate NY farm a couple of months ago….. She talks about “keeping the wood-and-coal furnace stoked on frigid mornings, to burying the previous owner’s shag carpeting, to staring down a wild mink.” Check it out. Birdhousechronicle

A Chat with Ory Okolloh

December 22, 2005 by  

I decided to interview Ory Okolloh from Nairobi who recently spent a few years in the states studying at Harvard. I met her at PopTech in Maine this fall, where she spoke with several other Africans on a panel…..it was close to her final days in the states. Kenyasolo2 She originally came to the U.S. to attend university and ‘become a lawyer.’ Overall, she found it to be a positive experience and says with a smile – “the American dream is alive and well….” I asked her what she learned from her time here that she didn’t think she would and her response was interesting, but not surprising. Says Ory, “I learned to appreciate the things that I took for granted about Kenya, such as the food and the great Nairobi weather. (poor girl was stuck in Boston during her stint – a drastic weather shift)….She also learned to appreciate the value of nurturing and mentoring others… “What’s most important is having people surrounding you who really believe in you. Finally, I discovered I was black…race had never been part of my experience in Kenya so I had to learn…

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