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The Fashion Week Blogging Carnival is Underway

January 28, 2006 by  

The blogging carnival countdown to Fashion Week is underway.

Lubomir Tomaszewski’s War and Peace

January 26, 2006 by  

If in snowy Boston this weekend, check out the January 28th opening reception for WAR and PEACE – Painted with Flame by LUBOMIR TOMASZEWSKI (member of the Emotionalism Movement). “Fire becomes part of the art …. the results are haunting, dramatic and straight from the heart
of a grateful patriot,
” Kent Pierce, WTNH TV The reception will be between 3-5 pm at the Gutman Library on 6 Appian Way in Cambridge, Mass. ( Harvard Graduate School of Education) and will run from January 28-February 18, 2006.

Boston Dealmakers Breakfast

January 17, 2006 by  

Marty Mannion of Summit Partners will be speaking at the upcoming Dealmaker’s breakfast at the Boston Harbor Hotel on January 19 from 7:15-9:00 am.

Olives in Las Vegas

January 13, 2006 by  

I tried Olives at the Bellagio in Vegas last week. It’s a Todd English restaurant and the same and familiar Olives I love and know so well in Boston. Despite the ridiculous CES week line to get in and a stressed bartender, the experience and food were fabulous; especially the tuna tartare, bibb salad and trout. There’s never enough chardonnay options by the glass though – wassup with that? P1070029 P1070032_1

Vegas Orange and Gold

January 9, 2006 by  

More Vegas than you’d probably care to see. But where else can you find orange and gold waiting for the same light? LA and Miami doesn’t come close to bright orange furry cabs…..and did I mention the limo we rented that turned out to be gold. Next year, I’m asking for pink, blue and green combined. P1040004 P1050027

Austin Baby Austin

January 9, 2006 by  

Oh Baby, don’t touch……I’m leaving Las Vegas…..oh, leaving Las Vegas………

The Thong Blog

January 5, 2006 by  

Check out the THONG BLOG – can you believe this? Front (from cafepress.com) has this: I’M BLOGGING THIS Back is empty – isn’t this supposed to be on the but, yet with this piece, there’s hardly room :-)