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EFT Seminar Close to Atlanta

April 26, 2006 by  

There’s an EFT seminar just outside Atlanta from May 16-19. For those unfamiliar with EFT, its kind of like acupuncture without the needles. EFT allows you to stimulate well established energy meridian points on your body by tapping them with your fingertips. The process is easy to memorize and is portable so you can do it anywhere. Their goal is focus on the energetic and emotional causes that most Western healing practices have largely ignored.

Boston’s Chinatown Banquet

April 24, 2006 by  

On April 27th in Boston’s Chinatown, there’s a video premier that is six years in the making. It’s a remarkable portrait of one of Boston’s oldest and most multifaceted neighborhoods. China2 Entitled Chinatown Banquet, it is a groundbreaking public art and education project that reenvisions the legacy of Boston’s Chinese community in a video installation at the United Commercial Bank located at 68 Harrison Avenue in Boston. The Project will be joined by State Senator Dianne Wilkerson and Boston City Councilor Sam Yoon. Led by artist Mike Blockstein and the ACDC’s executive director Jeremy Liu, the Banquet examines the forces that shaped and continue to influence Chinatown. Begun in 2000, the Banquet has moved through many stages – workshops with high school students who explored Chinatown; partnerships between organizations inside and outside of the neighborhood; an exhibit at the former Dreams of Freedom Museum on immigrant history.

Design A Life Worth Living

April 17, 2006 by  

Women: check out this new workshop, an immersive event for emerging and active women leaders. It will be held on May 20-21 at UCSC Arboretum in Santa Cruz, CA. I love the entrance: Life on demand or life by design. Which one are you living? Enticing, isn’t it? The goal is to assist women in designing and aligning their inner selves so they can create sea changes — positive, profound, lasting changes — in their lives, organizations, and the world. They plan to use a unique approach called the Sea Change Design Process, among other interesting techniques. A few thoughts worth thinking about:
. What does it mean to live an intentional life?
. A whole, coherent life?
. A congruent life?
. An interconnected life?
. A meaningful life?

South Park Resurgence

April 16, 2006 by  

Enter the resurgence of San Francisco’s South Park, which was where many of the dot.com companies landed pre-2000. Are people hopeful, and trying to recreate what was? C’mon, we’re in a new era already. Yet, its a great article covering some of the coolest SF-based Web 2.0 companies. Scott Beale said in the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle in an article by Dan Fost on how new Internet companies are returning to the South Park area of San Francisco, which over a decade ago was called “Multimedia Gulch” and was ground zero for much of the early days of the web, being the home to Wired Magazine/HotWired, Organic, etc. The actual SF Gate piece here. Dan is a great writer; he touches on not just the return of the new dot.com equivalents to the hood, but the hood itself. Since I have a client in the area and friends who work within a block or two, I find myself there a few times a month. Says the article on South Park as a neighborhood: “South Park was rebuilt into a motley collection of warehouses, machine shops, sleazy hotels and honky-tonks.” “South Park followed a familiar

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Connection, not History Wins

April 15, 2006 by  

Distressed over a failed relationship, an older male friend said to me recently, “History always wins.” Ready for defeat, he assumed a former relationship would win regardless of the connection he had with her. Doesn’t connection always win? Connection is what ultimately leads us to history, for without it, the chapter doesn’t even get written.

ArtSFest Spectra Ball

April 11, 2006 by  

ArtSFest had their annual Spectra Ball last night at the Regency Center in San Francisco. Hats off to executive producer Brad Nye, who did an amazing job gathering some of the most interesting and creative talent together under one roof. Included in the round-up of activities sectioned off in various rooms was Cabaret Verdalet, Chief Sonne Reyna, Circo Romani, Circus Center, DJ Dragonfly, Fat Chance Belly Dance, Hot Pink Feathers and Gooferman. Another interesting performance was La Malinche, who interpret the feminine condition through Flamenco dance, embracing both male and female aspects of the self. P4080012
P4080010 P4080018 P4080028 P4080024 P4080015

Introducing Dharma Business

April 11, 2006 by  

Industry pal Mark Rabkin just launched his new non-profit gig called Dhamar Business, which is an organization dedicated to helping business people better understand how to integrate Dharma teachings into their daily work lives. Their main goals:
–to provide a supportive environment to discuss the challenges this creates. –to enable skill and knowledge development through collaboration among the members. –to become a focal point to attract high impact speakers who can enhance an understanding of integrating Dharma and business.

The Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network

April 10, 2006 by  

The Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network is launching The Entrepreneurial Minute, (E-Minute) an innovative new program designed to help early stage companies overcome the challenges of growing a successful business. E-Minute provides early stage companies with an opportunity to present their business challenge directly to angel investors, venture capital firms, service providers and potential partners in attendance at ENET’s monthly networking meetings. How it works: each month, one or two entrepreneurs will be selected to give a 1-minute overview of their concept and business challenge. The overview includes: -Name and location of business
-Experience of entrepreneur and management team
-Target market need
-Product or service solution
-Business challenge to providing solution
-The assistance your company is seeking (ex. capital, services, partners, etc.). You can apply through Vice Chair of Programs Bob Weber at weber@strategykinetics.com. The next meeting is Tuesday, May 2nd, at the ForeFront Conference Center in Waltham, MA. The topic is: “Strategic Alliances & Partnerships.”

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