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Mission Street People Watching, Harrison Street Dancing

May 29, 2006 by  

A few fabulous shots taken at this weekend’s Carnival Parade and Festival. Sample favorites below. For the full photo album of the event, click here. Carnivalsf2006_8 Carnivalsf2006_10 Carnivalsf2006_15 Carnivalsf2006_64 Carnivalsf2006_26 Carnivalsf2006_84 Carnivalsf2006_61 Carnivalsf2006_92 Carnivalsf2006_76 Carnivalsf2006_67 Carnivalsf2006_63 Carnivalsf2006_60 Carnivalsf2006_58 Carnivalsf2006_54 Carnivalsf2006_53 Carnivalsf2006_48 Carnivalsf2006_46 Carnivalsf2006_45

BarCamp Boston

May 25, 2006 by  

Bar Camp is throwing an event in the Boston area, my old hood. Maynard Mass to be exact – how on earth does someone choose Maynard? C’mon guys, out of all locations worthy of a choice? Pick a place in the NH mountains, somewhere outside funky Northampton or somewhere on the ocean, but Maynard? Promoted as one of those ‘un-conferences’ that so many people are now throwing, I must admit, I’m thrilled to see an event of this kind hit New England. Unconferences are great for promoting creativity, new ideas, energy flow, etc. There is no cost to come, but you do have to participate in some way, i.e., by giving a presentation, a lightning talk, or joining into another cooperative event. The dates are June 3-4 and you can register here. Tag:

Follow Your Own Rhythms in Time

May 22, 2006 by  

I love the way this flows…….. The sun doesn’t always rise in crimson. The wind doesn’t always blow from the south. The rains don’t always fall on the plains. And the song bird sometimes loses its song. And so must you allow for your own rhythms in time.

Old Soul Among So Many Digital Souls

May 21, 2006 by  

The scene below starts in a crowded bar in San Francisco’s North Beach. Italian Man (IM) asks me where I got my eyes? He wants to know how I can stand the noise around me? I quickly learn that he’s from Rome……he confirms this with his eyes although it would have been an easy guess. I agree. What else could I say? What were we both doing there? Ah yes, the friend’s birthday party. IM’s eyes span the crowd. IM: It feels so bland to me……this place. So generic. I agree. IM: It makes me feel older than I really am…..the generic. I find myself continuing to agree. Ah yes, the generic. Is he going to continue that thread I wonder? I find that I cannot allow him to get away with the reference to old, worse when I learn that he is only 32. IM: Maybe a 32 year old Italian is older than an American. (his tone is casual but not in any way pretentious). I smell cigarette smoke on his breath as he moves in closer, raising his voice so I could hear him over the ‘generic’ music. Me: Yes, it’s called old soul. (I grin as…

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I Took the Bus

May 14, 2006 by  

Imagine taking ‘the bus’ in LA. I’m not anti-public transportation despite the fact that I never use it in San Francisco. Why? Bottom line – it’s inefficient, yet many will disagree with me. London, New York and Paris are efficient, San Francisco is not. LA is not really efficient either, however if you’re attempting a few designated neighborhoods, know the route and have less of a time concern (like I often do in San Francisco), it can be a very colorful experience. My cell phone rings; it is a new business lead from a CEO of a technology start-up based in LA. I have to excuse myself for a moment to ask the bus driver about my stop, and I hear Gordon say, “Where are you?” “On the bus,” I reply. A pause and then a period of silence. “In LA?” he asks as if in shock. I laugh. “Yes, in LA.” Apparently its rare that people attempt public transportation here, partially because its so spread out and partially because like San Francisco, its probably not all that efficient. Yet, I ended up taking a train from Hollywood to Long Beach during the same trip to avoid traffic and because…

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The Other Hollywood

May 8, 2006 by  

The magical name that is Hollywood. We all know it; some of us have been here for pleasure, a weekend getaway, others on business, particularly those of us where our solutions from the north are starting to blend with the needs of the entertainment world in the south. I used to come here more frequently. Often, it was a sidetrip or a layover, but in those days, evenings were often spent at the hottest and trendiest swing dance clubs, some of which housed the Lindy Hop Scene in the late nineties, around the time when Swing was becoming ‘hot’ nationwide. I learned the nuances….you know, who was who, the somebodies verus the nobodys and those who were trying to become a somebody by taking all the right classes from all the right teachers. I made my way through all the prestigious teachers (and sometimes their teachers), learned where the best Hollywood and Savoy dancers practiced on weekends, who to stay close to and who to avoid. But it was all about dance and that ‘was’ the only scene I knew here at night. Sometimes sushi surrounded this, and preludes were often spent working from a hotel or my girlfriend Ruth’s…

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