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Paris or Rome?

September 27, 2006 by  

A reader asks:
I have been reading your blogs after doing a search for travel advice.  They are definitely interesting and it sounds like a good time.  I’m traveling to Finland for business the last week of October but want to layover in either Rome or Paris for two days to check out the sights of one of these historic cities before I head back to the States.  Any recommendation as to which is the better city to visit for just two days.  I’m sure it’s a personal preference thing, but I’m curious what your opinion is if you have the time.
It’s a tough choice — both are world class cities. It depends on your interests. I would say Rome, since in a couple days you can hit some major sites (Vatican, Coliseum, etc) and taste some excellent food. I feel like Paris is less favorable to a quick drop in — it’s more a city where you settle in for a week and experience Parisian culture.

San Francisco: Mist & Color

September 24, 2006 by  

Colorful vibrant parades, festivals, markets, street fairs. Descriptive of San Francisco neighborhood events held throughout the year in various communities, all of which have their own unique character. Not quite as distinct as New York’s upper west side vis a vis the East Village, but visually provoking nevertheless. Market Street. Dirty, crowded, distraction after distraction, beggars demanding more than the current hourly minimum wage from each bystander, guys on bicycles whizzing by, all of them appearing to have no or poorly distributed and discolored teeth. Someone passes me with an I Love Jesus sign and another asks me where Polk is. I have no clue, I think. I have no clue, I reply. My friend and I are trying to meet on a particular street corner, but we keep missing each other because the roads never seem to match up, they’re slanted somehow and I’m reminded of U2′s the streets have no names over and over again. A map doesn’t help, nor does his guidance by cell phone, as I walk up and down Market looking for clues or ques or something. So I continue to roam around alone for another hour, at one point ducking into a Payless Shoe…

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David Allen: Getting Things Done

September 23, 2006 by  

Have you ever found yourself reading something and thought – “I’ve read this before, maybe more than once?” It’s amazing how books or thoughts that have entered your life at one phase seem to reappear later on for one reason or another. I’ve been re-reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Personally I love books that incorporate fabulous quotes, thoughts and inspirations from other great leaders and writers throughout each chapter. Allen recommends a ‘system,’ largely around moving lists to actionable items and tasks as quickly as possible. His theory suggests that sustainable action is directly connected to our ability to let go and relax. Hello Central America. How long has it been since I’ve been back to first world realities? He asserts that only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve effective results and unleash our creative potential. Allen reminds us how often great leaders discover their best ideas away from their work environment. And truth be told, how often have you had an inspiring idea or thought in the shower, on a run, a ski slope or in the middle of the night? Something an ex (my counter-balance….he was an accountant…

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Digital Music Forum

September 22, 2006 by  

Digital Music Forum is hosting their west coast conference (in association with Billboard) on October 4-5, 2006 at the Bel Age in West Hollywood, CA. Live Music Showcase: Passalong Networks is hosting an exclusive Music Industry Showcase for Digital Music Forum participants at the Viper Room on Sunset on the night of October 4. Artists interested in performing can contact music@digitalmediawire.com Agenda: 2nd Track panels have been added to Day 1 Agenda, including “Open Mic with Digital Music Industry Leaders’, “Digital Rights & Clearances for Music” and “The Evolution of P2P & Music”. The 2nd track provides a number of opportunities for working artists to participate with a focus on digital tools and opportunities to promote, market and sell music. Keynotes include folks from Sony BMG and Mobile Entertainment Forum and speakers range from large to small industry players, including ZING, MusicNet, AOL Music Now, Real, SafeNet, PureTracks, LiveNation, Napster, Brightcove, Universal Music, FreeWebs and Billboard.

Alan Greenspan at Mass Leadership Council

September 20, 2006 by  

The Mass Leadership Council is hosting Dr. Alan Greenspan at their next meeting on September 25 at the Sheraton Boston. Greenspan will participate in a Q&A session covering future economic trends, the world economy, innovation and globalization.

Die Fledermaus

September 19, 2006 by  

I try to see a couple of operas a year…..if only there were more time in my schedule to see operas, musicals, modern dance, ballets, and concerts. I could happily attend several a week and unlike the sick feeling one gets from too much ice cream or whiskey, the more music and dance in my life, the more I crave. The San Francisco Opera, albeit not New York, has an interesting upcoming season, including Rigoletto (Verdi), the infamous Barber of Seville which I always love, Carmen, Manon Lescaut (Puccini) and Der Rosenkavalier (Strauss) to name a few. I saw Die Fledermaus last week (Johann Strauss), which was more of an opera, comedy of errors, and musical combined. There was an air of hedonism and naughty playfulness pervading scene after scene, particularly in the first and third acts. Amazon.com senior editor Thomas May writes of the production, where he references the humorous slap-stick like additions, including modern references to European Idle and the like. (moments of common references for us all, i.e., cronies in jail, desperate housewives). He writes, “Stuffing a production with too much frolicking can simply bloat it. The device of the masquerade likewise relies on creatively fluid identities.…

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YouTube and Warner Music

September 18, 2006 by  

More YouTube news. Check out the scoop on YouTube teaming up with Warner Music to stream music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, artist interviews and original programming. According to BetaNews, this would also give rights to users to incorporate Warner music into the videos they create and upload and that revenue from advertising appearing on pages with Warner music would be shared.

Light-Emitting Shirts in Berlin

September 17, 2006 by  

I have been playing around with YouTube’s embedded feature. Check out this video uploaded by Joostbijsterveld….he discovered these light-emitting shirts at IFA in Berlin, where they are integrating LEDs into the fabric. Click play.

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