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We Blog the World is an online travel and culture magazine focused on unique experiences, luxury travel, adventure travel and events for the savvy, discerning traveler.

Our coverage of Events and Festivals is extensive and topics include Arts, Entertainment, Food/Wine, Style, Music and Culture, Sustainability and more. We also review Lodging/Hotels, Spas & Retreats as well as useful Products for the frequent traveler.

Our LIFE section covers people who have started unique initiatives or are doing things that make the world a better place. GREEN includes stories on people, places and things that subscribe to making the planet more sustainable and our Women section covers women from around the world who are making a difference.

Our goal is to always to capture the human side of a story, as well as the impact that people are making around the world culturally and socially.  We hope to educate, facilitate and enhance communication between cultures as well as serve as a platform where thought-provoking conversations can flourish.

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On the personal front, take a look at my map of where I’ve been, where I’ve lived and where I still want to go. (Blue is where I’ve been, Red is Where I’ve lived and Green is where I still want to go).

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