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Amber Hunter is a freelance writer from Fort Worth, TX. She's very interested in local history and happenings, especially in the history of the old Fort Worth Stockyards and the "Hell's Half Acre" area.

She's currently contracting with several local businesses as a 'ghost writer' to produce content for their web sites, and has plans to publish her first book in 2011.

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Dallas Xplosion: August 15, 2010

August 11, 2010 by  

DallasXplosion - August 15 Event in Dallas

Dallas Xplosion Credit DJ E-Roc of Definition DJs

Do you have plans for August 15th? Change them.

Dallas / Fort Worth area residents do not want to miss Dallas Xplosion. This event features live performances from some amazing artists, including up and coming local musician, Josh Hurt. Attendees will also be treated to some of the hottest eye candy in the DFW Metroplex. Modeling crews Dallas Honeys, Eminent Models, Vibrant Models and more will all be in attendance!

The event is from 3pm to 8pm this Sunday, August 15th and tickets are only $10 at the door!  Click for a map to the DFW Airport Hotel & Conference Center, where the event will be held.

Arrive early! This event will draw a crowd and attendees will want to allow time for travel, parking and admission to avoid missing one red hot minute of this show!

Read a review of Josh Hurt’s new single, Open the Door, in this We Blog the World post: Opening up the Door for Josh Hurt.

Opening Up the Door for Josh Hurt

July 30, 2010 by  


Josh Hurt is probably a name few in the music industry are familiar with, but one I’m sure many will come to know soon enough.

“Why?  What’s so special about Josh Hurt?”

An amazing amount of raw musical talent, potential main stream music appeal, and a voice guaranteed to melt the hearts of female fans everywhere… if his handsome features don’t do the trick first.

When I got the press kit from Josh Hurt a few days ago to review his single, “Open the Door”, I hadn’t heard of him before, either, and honestly wasn’t expecting a great deal.  I’ve spoken to too many local musicians with big dreams about record deals that never seemed to come their way.  But Josh is a different breed of local musician… the kind that won’t stay local forever or for long.

“Open the Door” Single by Josh Hurt

Open the Door (Single Cover) - Josh Hurt

Image courtesy of Josh Hurt / Press Kit

Music aficionados just need to view the video of this single to truly appreciate Josh’s talent.  Though video production quality could be improved, it’s certainly a promising sign of what Josh Hurt is capable of accomplishing in future videos.

Catchy lyrics and liquid gold voice aside, the choreography in this video alone makes it worth watching.

Moves reminisce of old school Michael Jackson when he was at his peak in performance, and his performances are likely to carry to same genre-crossing appeal that made the late pop star an international sensation.

All he needs now is the backing of a record label… and with all he brings to the table how long can it be before they are begging for Josh Hurt to “Open the Door”?

View Josh Hurt’s first music video, “Open the Door”.

Where Listeners Can Get More of Josh Hurt

Josh Hurt has “Open the Door” and one more single, “Midnight Racer”, available for download on iTunes.  His latest project, “The Exhibition”, will be available early this fall.

Local to the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex?  Josh Hurt has an upcoming performance slated for 3pm on August 15th at Dallas Xplosion, hosted at the DFW Airport Hotel and Conference Center.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see Josh Hurt perform live on stage!