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How About Eating Your Way Through Amsterdam?

September 26, 2014 by  


Amsterdam offers a number of diverse cultural food options and we ate well here enjoying DutchIndonesianChinese, and Spanish meals. Over the summer, we found a nice café next to our B&B on Kerkstraat. First we had mushroom soup with brown bread, a ham and cheese pancake, and pork meatballs in a tomato sauce and then later came back for some nice tomato soup.

IMG_1320  IMG_1322  IMG_1323  IMG_1507

For dinner we had traditional Dutch in the neighborhood. We started with cheese coquettes, steak with mushrooms, fries, and small pancakes.

IMG_1374  IMG_1378  IMG_1379  IMG_1380

The next night we had Spanish tapas at Tapas Bar Catala located at Spuistraat 299. They included spinach and pine nuts, chrizo, and fried calamari.

IMG_1555  IMG_1556  IMG_1557  IMG_1558

When we returned in June we went to Chinatown for the first night. We ate at Nam Kee Chinatown located at Zeedijk 111 – 113 where we found one of the few places you sit out outside. We started with shrimp toast. Then we had very large oysters in with a hot sauce, garlic frog’s legs, and Peking duck.

IMG_2820  IMG_2821  IMG_2825  IMG_2829

Lunch the next day was more Spanish tapas at La Oliva located at Egelantiersstraat 122-124 in the Jordaan. We had a mushroom tortilla and a squash soup with Serrano ham.

.  IMG_2936  IMG_2938  IMG_2939  IMG_2940

A light dinner canal side on the Singel included Dutch cheese coquettes, and a pancake.

IMG_3026  IMG_3033

The next night provided an Indonesian rice table at Kantjil on at Spuistraat 291-293. We had Nasi Poetih, Saté Babi, Saté Ikan, Daging Roedjak, Pepesan Oedang, Kredok, Sajoer Lodeh, Broccoli Tjampoer, s.g. Kentang, s.g. Telor, Seroendeng and Kroepoek.

IMG_3171  IMG_3202

A mid-day snack included the small sweet Dutch shrimp and some fried cod obtained from a street vendor in a small shop.

IMG_3373  IMG_3375

Our last meal was a very high-end treat at De Belhamel, located on the Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam, where this canal crosses the Herengracht. We had a canal side table. The place has many art nouveau details. It received the Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand award annually since 2007, including this year. The meal included nice bread; sautéed prawn and scallop with puff pastry and a chive-shrimps beurre blanc; sliced sirloin with anise mushrooms, green and yellow zucchini, fondant potatoes and a Cognac-tarragon sauce, and poached haddock fillet and fried tranches of langouste tail with fennel puree and mustard dill sauce.

IMG_3433  IMG_3434  IMG_3436  IMG_3439  IMG_3440  IMG_3448

The Mystical & Oh So Beautiful Canals of Amsterdam

September 22, 2014 by  


I was moved by the many beautiful canals of Amsterdam, a city that seems to live well with water. Here is a visual collection from my recent walk through Amsterdam’s streets.

IMG_0853  IMG_0856  IMG_0863  IMG_0857  IMG_0903  IMG_0938  IMG_0939  IMG_0956  IMG_0966  IMG_0974  IMG_0995  IMG_1343  IMG_1468  IMG_1565  IMG_1571  IMG_2835  IMG_2882  IMG_3002  IMG_3020  IMG_3103


Culture, History & Architecture: The Doors of Amsterdam

September 20, 2014 by  


Over the summer, I visited Amsterdam and I was struck by the beautiful architecture of this city that lives well with water. My hometown of New Orleans could learn a great deal from the Dutch. This post covers the many interesting doors found on the homes and businesses that line the canals. Here is a collection.

IMG_3426  IMG_0874  IMG_2637  IMG_3463  IMG_3231  IMG_3165  IMG_3016  IMG_2970  IMG_2954  IMG_2921  IMG_2917  IMG_1496  IMG_1354  IMG_1336  IMG_1048  IMG_1039  IMG_0892  IMG_3014  IMG_3425  IMG_2987


Looking at the Bike Culture of Amsterdam

September 17, 2014 by  


I’ve always been amazed by how people in Amsterdam make such great use of bicycles. They use them to get around the city, whether it’s for work or play. It’s astonishing how much of a bike culture the city is. Have a look.

IMG_0877  IMG_0884  IMG_0894  IMG_0913  IMG_0992  IMG_0959  IMG_1023  IMG_1465  IMG_1485  IMG_1494  IMG_1498  IMG_2641  IMG_2912  IMG_2949  IMG_2961  IMG_3456


Taking a Look at Amsterdam Cafe Culture

September 16, 2014 by  


I love the lively street life of this city and how the many cafes make great use of Amsterdam’s street space. This post provides many views of these cafes and their participants.

IMG_0922  IMG_2977  IMG_0919  IMG_0916  IMG_0920  IMG_0927  IMG_0928  IMG_0931  IMG_0932  IMG_2831  IMG_2967  IMG_2975  IMG_2988  IMG_2989  IMG_3169  IMG_3209  IMG_3415  IMG_3433  IMG_3457  IMG_3458  IMG_3470  IMG_3025  IMG_3413  IMG_2918

Eating Our Way Through Karlvolasi in Samos Greece

September 1, 2014 by  


This post is about dining on the Greek island of Samos, where I have now been there three times for stays of a month or more.  I started with Mytilini, the largest of the mountain towns and also where we stayed.

This post covers Karlovasi, the second largest town on the island. It has a working harbor and nice old section up on a hill over the new town,  located on the northwest side of the island. The School of Sciences of University of the Aegean  is located in the town. It was a flourishing tannery and tobacco manufacturing centre in the early 1900s. Many magnificent neoclassical mansions can be seen from that period as well as the remains of the large stone-built factories at the “Ormos” seaside.

Dionisos is an excellent restaurant in the middle of the new town at Plateia 8is Maiou, Below you can see some of their offerings. They include: fava bean spread, sautéed field greens, grilled cheese, cheese pies, goat in tomato sauce with fries, and chilled cherries for desert.

IMG_2073  IMG_2074  IMG_2075  IMG_2076  IMG_2077  IMG_2079

We also went to a fish market where you can order fish cooked to pick up in the afternoon. You see some of the selected and the two grilled fish we enjoyed for lunch.

IMG_3586  IMG_3666  IMG_3582  IMG_3671

There is a great restaurant just outside Karlovasi in a small hill town. It is called the aristocrat in Greek. Below you can see some of their offerings. They include a salad with lemon mustard dressing, pastry with honey, stuffed onions with tomato sauce and cheese, pork stew with fries, mousakka, and pork with green beans in a lemon mustard sauce.

IMG_4639  IMG_4649  IMG_4640  IMG_4642  IMG_4643  IMG_4644  IMG_4646  IMG_4647


Amsterdam’s Beautiful Meandering Canals in Early Summer

July 8, 2014 by  


Below is a series of photos of the architecture and culture of Amsterdam.  This summer I was there for a few days in May on my way to Samos Greece and then for a week’s stay on my return form Samos. I learned from a Dutch friend of direct charters from Amsterdam to Samos so we decided to make it our transfer port.

I was moved by the many beautiful canals of this city that lives well with water. My hometown of New Orleans could learn a great deal from the Dutch. This post covers the many interesting doors found on the homes and businesses that line the canals. Here is a collection.

IMG_0853  IMG_0856  IMG_0863  IMG_0857  IMG_0903  IMG_0938  IMG_0939  IMG_0956  IMG_0966  IMG_0974  IMG_0995  IMG_1343  IMG_1468  IMG_1565  IMG_1571  IMG_2835  IMG_2882  IMG_3002  IMG_3020  IMG_3103


Our Top Six for Great Bites in New Orleans

June 15, 2014 by  


Below are our top six meals in New Orleans from meals we’ve had this past year.

High Hat – Cecil’s salad, oyster and fennel soup, seared Gulf fish with shrimp and potato hash. It is located at 4500 Freret Street, (504) 754-1336

IMG_8077  IMG_8080

Dominique’s on Magazine - Louisiana Oysters
 cauliflower crème fraiche, scotch bonnet roasted tomato, house-made potato chips; cauliflower soup with duck; Maple Leaf Duck Leg Confit with citrus fleur de sel, frisee, local spinach, pear, apple cider & baudoin cane syrup vinaigrette; Morgan Ranch Braised Wagyu Beef Short Rib 
local root vegetable puree, red wine jus; Almond Nouga  tine
crème praline, house-made pecan vanilla ice cream; chocolate lava cake. It is located at 4213 Magazine St, (504) 891-9282

IMG_8151  IMG_8152  IMG_8154  IMG_8155  IMG_8156  IMG_8157

Chiba – crawfish fried rice; steamed buns: grouper, oyster, short ribs; shrimp[ tempura, eel and avocado roll, bananas foster egg roll, It is located at 8312 Oak St, (504) 826-9119

IMG_8164  IMG_8166  IMG_8167  IMG_8169

Ba Chi Canteen, spring egg rolls, fries with kim chi, steamed buns: spicy catfish, coconut curry shrimp, vermillicelli with car grilled pork and shrimp. It is located at 7900 Maple St, (504) 373-5628

IMG_8180  IMG_8181

IMG_8182  IMG_8183

Dante’s Kitchen: Duck Ham & Candied Pumpkin Salad with mixed greens, goat gouda, spicy pecans, citrus chili vinaingrette; Steamed Mussels with sweet potato broth, coconut, tomatoes, fennel, tarragon, Ras el hanout; Thit Kho Lettuce Wraps with braised pork belly, Bibb lettuce, housemade XO sauce, pickled carrots, cilantro; Whole Roasted Fish Myanmar Style with ginger, lemongrass, sugarcane broth, shiso-cilantro salad; Dark Chocolate Torte with cayenne chocolate sauce, dulce de leche abuelita ice cream. It is located at 736 Dante St, (504) 861-3121

IMG_8227  IMG_8228  IMG_8230  IMG_8232  IMG_8233

Jacque Imo’s – eggplant with oyster stuffing and mushroom cream sauce, spinach salad with fried oyster, garlic snails with pasta, panned rabbit with shrimp tasso pasta, crème bruele. It is located at 8324 Oak St, (504) 861-0886

IMG_8335  IMG_8337  IMG_8339  IMG_8340  IMG_8343  IMG_8344  IMG_8345


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