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Bill Liao

Bill Liao is an Australian entrepreneur and philanthropist who has participated in seven IPOs. He is also CEO of Finaxis AG, a privately held company in the financial services industry.

Among his philanthropic endeavors is his participation as an investor and volunteer in The Hunger Project in Uganda, New York and Mexico
Liao is presently focused on launching a global citizenship initiative entitled The Declaration of Earth Citizenship.

Liao has also been appointed as a special diplomatic envoy for St Kitts and Nevis for sustainable development and the environment. In 2007, Liao founded neo.org, a philanthropic venture and social networking site where people can make a personal commitment for the future of the earth.

Liao also focusses his time on www.weforest.org

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October 31, 2010 by  


We all hate it when we feel unheard yet most of us also love the sound of our own voice.

How unusual then the person who listens intently to you as if you are a great unread novel and they lost in your pages?

What  lovers quarrels might not be if only one or other had made their paramour feel heard?

In commerce where else have so many a fortune been lost than in the deaf ears of those who are so full of their rightness?

So first quiet the mind, come to the Caribbean and bask on a sandy shore and take in the sounds of the waves.

If not there then perhaps meditate on the even flow of your breath and find calm amongst the cities chaos.

Give up that you are right in all things and let go that your opinions need airing, even the quickest wit appears drab next to the rapt gaze of a good listener.

Instead lock your views away for a time and take in the whole of your interlocutor, listen to their words and their face, hear with your eyes and your ears.

Do not replay what you hear like a broken record and save listening to your own thoughts on what is said, unnecessary judgements can be aired later, if at all.

Above all else have compassion in your listening and you will give a gift as rare as it is precious and you may just reap rewards and delights you have not yet imagined.