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Charlie Amter works in music publishing and is based in Los Angeles. Previously, Amter was a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and has written for England's Guardian newspaper and others.He blogs for fun at Europopped.com, excerpts of which run on We Blog The World via a syndication feed.

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Haute Honolulu at Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

July 27, 2015 by  


Early fall is one of the best times to go to Hawaii if you seek a slightly less crowded time to explore Oahu in particular.  But where to stay can be a challenging proposition, to say the least, with such a myriad of choices in Honolulu.

Joie de Vivre’s Shoreline Hotel Waikiki might not be the best known hotel in Honolulu, but it certainly is one of the most inspired choices for the price, and the location is hard to beat as well. Located in the heart of Waikiki steps from the beach and area hotspots, Shoreline Hotel Waikiki offers a truly boutique hotel experience with distinct ambiances and elements of playful sophistication.  Surrounded by light and water in the midst of the world-famous Waikiki beach, Shoreline offers its guests a bit or urban flair with close proximity to both picturesque beachfront and area hotspots.

But, what sets Shoreline apart from other area hotels might be the daring design, all tastefully done by Anthony Laurino of Anthony Laurino Design. Bright colors pop in every room with bold ‘70s shapes and the natural forms of local flora and fauna throughout the property.

Inspired by 1970s architecture and modernism, Shoreline offers an alluring look and feel, as envisioned by Laurino. From a collection of first-rate custom furnishing by Eric Brand to evocative nature photography in every room by local artist Michele McCarthy, designs, textures, finishes and fabrics nurture a rapport between Hawaiian culture and modernity that feels fresh and different from your father’s (or grandfather’s) idea of what a Honolulu hotel should look like.

Every room at the Shoreline features free Wi-Fi, mini fridges, microwaves and private balconies designed to optimize island breezes and allow guests to soak in the cityscape. Or, if you want to splurge, the hotel’s top floors include four suites with sweeping views of sea and city, something to consider as the sunsets here can be striking.

Rooms aren’t huge here, but just big enough to accommodate a couple nicely. And besides, you won’t be spending too much time in your room anyway, there’s too many amazing restaurants and shops in the area just right outside the hotel’s front door (be sure to check out Honolulu’s new-ish udon paradise, Marukame…there is a line out the door here daily at the Sanuki-style noodle shop centrally located on Kuhio Avenue (one of two Honolulu locations), and once you eat here you’ll see why – the noodles are made fresh in front of your eyes as you grab a bowl, cafeteria-style).

Or, even closer to your room here (as in adjacent to the lobby in the same building) is breakfast paradise Heavenly, where Japanophiles seeking a taste of real Japan on Oahu inspire with healthy Hawaii-meets-Nippon breakfast fare. A visit here in the morning is just what you’ll need to start your day right (try the kahuku shrimp).

The rooftop pool here is modest, but rarely crowded, which is nice if you want an urban pool experience before you hit the ocean. They also have a fitness center on site.


Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

342 Seaside Avenue

Honolulu, HI 96815



 All photo credits: JDV Hotels. 


Note: I received a special media rate for my stay but all opinions expressed are my own.

Estonian EDM: Digital Digital’s Interesting Intronaut Video

December 9, 2012 by  


When we first started writing about Western European and Eastern European music videos 3 years ago there were no ‘EDM’ blogs in America. Hardly anyone cared about what was going on across the Atlantic. Now there are hundreds of blogs hanging on every new track and video by Dutch, French and increasingly even Russian electronic music producers. But no one in America really knows where Estonia is, or that it’s even a country, so that’s where we come in.

We promise you haven’t heard of this act Digital Digital before. And we can almost promise you that you’ve never seen this promo before on another blog in the U.S., because we checked. Digital Digital are, per their Facebook page, “a new project of skilled Estonian musicians, who have huge experience in various genres of heavy music.” The bio continues: “The key point of Digital Digital is a combo style which includes some elements of drum’n'bass, pop music, breakstep, techno with rock guitars.” And there you have it, friends. Really a pretty cool-looking music video, check it below.

Norway: TV2 Comics Spoof Robyn In New Music Video By Lobyn

November 20, 2012 by  


Who needs a laugh today? Because Jakob Andersen Schøyen and Fridtjof Josefsen, the two guys from Norwegian TV (on TV 2) show Kollektivet are aiming to lighten up your day with a light hearted parody of Swedish singer Robyn’s “Dancing on my own. These are the same guys behind “AEOA Size Matters and a bunch of other parody clips. Lobyn’s song is in English and funny in parts, check it below.

Latvia Meets Italy: Jasie Kruz Debuts It’s Over Video

November 9, 2012 by  


So, there’s this singer named Jasie Kruz. She lives in Italy now but she was born in Latvia. Her real name is Dzeina Kruze and she has done modeling in the past. Now, however, the 18-year-old is hoping to be known more as a singer and she has a really nice voice. Anyway, she teamed up with fantastic Italian dance producers Dab & Sissa for this pop/rock leaning tune called “It’s Over” and the brand new video is looking quite good, we have to say.

Warsaw’s Most Outrageous Pop Star, Doda, Debuts Fuck It Trailer

October 29, 2012 by  


We are so pleased that Poland’s most outrageous pop star, Doda, has decided that her next video will be for a song simply called “Fuck It.”Yes, that’s the name of the song: “Fuck it!” It’s our favorite song title of the last two years, btw. And who better to sing it than Doda? A diva who truly doesn’t give a fuck what the media thinks of her in Poland (some love her, some hate her, but they are still talking about her). She’s kind of like Pink. She’s kind of like Gaga. She’s kind of like Britney.

But she’s mostly just Doda, or “The Queen,” as her fans know her. We covered her wild “XXX” clip late last year and if you haven’t seen her now classic “Bad Girls” video, consider it a must watch. A brand new trailer for “Fuck It” is below followed by a live NYE performance of the song which was aired on Polish TV December 31st, 2011.


Poland: Monika Brodka Puts On Her Dancing Shoes For New Video

October 22, 2012 by  


We first shared with you an exciting talent from Poland, Monika Brodka, back in 2010 when we blogged about her wild “W pieciu Smakach” clip. Since then, the singer has only gone on to more international acclaim….spending time in Los Angeles recently recording and even calling her most recent EP ‘LAX’ (a nod to Los Angeles’ airport). Over the summer we wrote about her Varsovie video and now she’s back with a new offering from ‘LAX,’ “Dancing Shoes.” The song has been out a while and this is actually a remix by another Polish talent known a bit in America KAMP!

That group has toured a few times in the U.S. and has a small cult following in cities such as NY and LA. But Monika could be and should be the next Lykke Li or Bjork, and we said as much in 2010 (we will say it again here). Exciting promo below, which has already racked up over 100,000 views since it debuted last week. Good stuff, check it.

Slovenia: Sanja Grohar Releases Magic Video

October 15, 2012 by  


Our Twitter friend Sanja Grohar, who we wrote about in 2011 when she dropped her “Club Star” clip, has released a new music video. The singer, who is equal parts loved and hated in Slovenia due to her high profile (she took her clothes off for Slovenia’s edition of Playboy and was also seen topless recently in the American edition of Playboy) is back with a song called “Magic” which is pretty good, actually (DJ Paolo Barbato produced it). Recently, she debuted the video below at a club where more than a thousand people showed up, so stop hating on Sanja, jealous Slovenian ladies, and just give in to the pop.


France: Tal Debuts Rien N’est Parfait Clip

October 5, 2012 by  


Forget Rihanna, Paris has been jamming out to this new single from Tal for awhile now. The singer and Warner Music France just debuted a video for “Rien N’est Parfait” and it’s looking pretty tight. We’ve written about Tal before and she’s turning into one of France’s bigger pop stars at the moment. Her debut album Le droit de rever has so far sold nearly 100,000 copies (a fairly big number for a newcomer in France) and next up for the beauty is a duet with very popular male singer M Pokora. Check out her brand new promo below….great melodies and energy.

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