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Dahlia Nahome is an ex-London city girl who moved to the Costa Rican jungle with her husband and two children. She was formerly the head of account management at a top 10 London advertising agency but now runs www.costaricanvacation.com and also enjoys writing about the Nicoya Peninsula.

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Costa Rica’s Diverse Music Scene

March 14, 2012 by  


If this is not to your liking then check out some of the dance hall or traditional folk scenes on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. You haven’t lived until you’re witnessed the Costa Rican dancing at one of the bull friendly rodeo weekends. Dressed up in all their glorious cowboy and cowgirl outfits this is line dancing done to perfection to the sounds of more accordian and guitar based music.

If you’re a more rock based fan then San Jose has a strong tradition in hosting some of the world’s best bands most recently the Red Hot Chilly Peppers toured here but If you prefer the smaller more intimate venue then check out the live bands on Thursday’s at Kika restaurant and The Common People @ Al Chile Viola on Mondays both in Santa Teresa, South Nicoya, guaranteed fun night out.

For more electronic orientated music, check out Purasonica, the Costa Rican No1 electronic online radio station. They have a full listing on where’s best to go and what to do all the year round whilst streaming beautiful blissed out beach music 24hrs a day with no commercials. For the latest information on ‘whats on’, please check out the Good Times diary on www.purasonica.com

Brisas Del Mar Restaurant in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

March 11, 2012 by  




Worth noting is Brisas Del Mar in Costa Rica’s Santa Teresa. Brisas Del Mar restaurant is situated up in the hills above Playa Carmen, at the Buenos Aires hotel. It not only gives you the most awesome place to watch the sunset across the Peninsula, it has consistently amazing food, desserts and entertainment for the kids too. I had crispy pork belly with a blackberry apple compote and was in heaven and then I got to polish off the cheesecake that the little angels couldn’t quite manage….oh poor dears and lucky old mummy.


Santa Teresa’s Nautilus Hotel in Costa Rica

March 10, 2012 by  

Friends of mine (Adi and Erik) own and run a very special place in Santa Teresa called The Nautilus Hotel, lodging in town with a great social space, swimming pool and also very central. The rooms are large, with kitchen spaces and great value. Not only do they run Nautilus Hotel amazingly well, they also now have their delicious and healthy restaurant Olam open to the public and their open aired yoga studio with daily classes. Adi is a woman full of amazing knowledge about wellness, raw food cooking and makes healthy things with chocolate that you will not believe is good for you. If you are heading to Santa Teresa, please go and check Olam out, as well as their detox retreats and yoga programs.


Costa Rican Independence Day

September 20, 2011 by  


Costa Rican Independence day was September 15th, is celebrated over three days and signifies Independence from Spain in 1821.

In the evening before the 15th, there was a lovely procession of all the children within the community (from toddlers to teenagers) whom attend all the local schools.

They have all created beautiful lanterns, some of which have clearly been crafted over weeks and days (with a little help from mum or dad). These are then filled with tea lights and they walk from dusk to the Santa Teresa soccer field (or football field to all my fellow English readers) with drummers and dancers too. The evening fiesta lasted for hours with local foods, more singing and lots of socialising.

The following day we had another procession through Cobano, with more of the wider community and there was even a bank holiday on the Friday too. Festivities are always around families with dancing, local flavours of music and good food.



Surfing at Cabuya Between Montezuma and Cabo Blanco National Park

August 16, 2011 by  



Cabuya is not known for its surf as it is located on the east or inner side of the Peninsula. Its a sleepy little spot sandwiched between Montezuma and the Cabo Blanco National Park.


However, when a big swell is approaching from the Pacific in the green season, the surfers head to Cabuya to catch some really long and ‘fun’ waves. I am not a surfer, but my husband is and he loves his little day trips over to Cabuya with the vital pit stop to the bakery in Cabuya which happens to make excellent bread and also serves cold beers. How fortunate.


An Amazing Fact About Costa Rica

June 22, 2011 by  


Costa Rica covers barely three-hundreths of a percentage of the earth’s surface, yet it contains an amazing six percent of the world’s planet and animal species. Amazing!


New 2.47 Million Acre Marine Park For Costa Rica

March 14, 2011 by  


Costa Rica on Thursday created a massive new marine protected area in the Eastern Pacific area, which conservationists hope will offer endangered marine species such as hammerhead sharks and leatherback turtles a place of respite to recover from increasing pressures from humans. This article can be read in full here.

Flora and Fauna: The Bio-Diversity of Costa Rica

February 11, 2011 by  


Costa Rica’s flora is protected by a large system of national parks, which makes up for at least 20% of the country’s area. Thanks to these extensive protected areas, Costa Rica boasts more than 9,000 species of “higher plants”, and at least 800 species of ferns. There are many more species, some of which are widespread in the country, and some which are limited to an ecosystem or a particular area.

Here are four reasons to come to Costa Rica to see the natural world at its best:

Bird watching – With an astounding biodiversity Costa Rica provides great bird watching opportunities at spectacular locations. Head to the wondrous rainforests or the numerous wildlife reserves across the country.

Mammals – Costa Rica’s “Rich Coast” offers habitats to various unique mammal species. The country is abundant in fascinating animals, although it does not have as many mammals as reptiles, birds and insects. Still there are around 212 species of mammals in Costa Rica and half of these are bats. The dry regions of Guanacaste are prime locations for wildlife viewing. You can even see dolphins and possibly a whale or two if you take a boat across to Tortuga Island off Montezuma. I did this with my five year old son, who was in heaven watching the dolphins swim along side us!

Turtles – Costa Rica provides vital nesting sites for six of the seven endangered species of marine turtles in the world. Of these six the Green turtle, Olive Ridley and the Loggerhead are considered as endangered while the Hawksbill and the Leatherback turtles remain critically endangered. Dependant on land and the ocean, the marine turtles lay their eggs on various beaches all around the globe.

Monteverde Golden toads – The tiny tropical Monteverde Golden Toad has earned itself much fame worldwide for its rarity and beauty. Also known as the “little jewels on the forest floor”, this shiny and brightly orange toad was once abundant in the highly elevated tropical cloud forest area above the town of Monteverde. There is very little information available about the activities of the golden toad, although they were closely studied during the late 1980s. Amazing creatures!

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