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Get Ready for Edinburgh This Summer at The World’s Largest International Arts Festival

February 26, 2013 by  


The San Francisco International Arts Festival (SFIAF) will be traveling to Edinburgh in Scotland for the Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August 19-27. The SFIAF is a group that that invests and promotes artists from the bay area. Additionally, the group occasionally gives exceptional international artists a platform here in the states.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe (dating back to 1947) — a three week event that takes place from August 2-26 – is the largest international arts festival in the world. From underground artists to major entertainers, thousands of performers will take the stage to showcase their talents. From comedy to dance, music to spoken word, there will be performances catering to a wide range of tastes.

The Edinburgh International Festival  – a three week event that takes place from August 9-September 1 – which focuses more heavily on the visual and performing arts. From dance to theatre, the Edinburgh International Festival features a hand-curated group who get the privilege of performing by invitation only.

The SFIAF is now selling packages at $2,500 per person to those in the Bay Area. The package will include a round trip from the San Francisco International Airport to Edinburgh, seven nights in a 3 star Edinburgh hotel, and $100 towards the purchases of any festival tickets.

PMWC: Joining Hands to Realize Personalized Medicine

February 12, 2013 by  


Brian Druker speaking at PMWC

The 5th annual Personalized Medicine World Conference is scheduled to kick off from January 28-29 in Mountain View, CA. On their website, PMWC references the National Cancer Institute as they define personalized medicine: “Personalized Medicine is a form of medicine that uses information about a person’s genes, proteins, and environment to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.” Above photo credit: PMWC International

Photo Credit: PMWC International

The idea behind this conference is to transform healthcare, there needs to be an adoption of personalized medicine on a global scale. PMWC’s ambition is to help bring together organizations across multiple sectors to realize this.

The PMWC’s committee features distinguished individuals including George Church, co-developer of the Human Genome Project; Kary Mullis, Nobel laureate & inventor of PCR (polymerase chain reaction); and Brian Druker, winner of the Lasker Clinical Award for his work in developing Gleevec.


The 15th Annual Los Angeles Times Travel Show

January 23, 2013 by  


The Los Angeles Times will kick off their 15th Annual Travel Show from February 22-24 at the LA Convention Center.

The main feature of the Travel Show is the myriad of exhibitors from around the world showcasing why their country ought to be your next vacation destination.  The opportunity to interact with these exhibitors (in many cases the exhibitors being natives themselves) will offer a taste of what a trip to their homeland might be like. Maximize this opportunity by coming in engaged and ready to learn.

The exhibition will coincide with celebrity speakers offering their stories, tips and tricks throughout their travels. From popular travel authors like Arthur Frommer to the host of the Emmy-winning TV show “The Amazing Race” Phil Keoghan, there are 25+ speakers scheduled to share their experiences in travel.

All in all, not a bad way to spend the weekend. For those of you who are interested, head on over to their website and register. The 22nd (Friday) is Trade Day which is scheduled for travel professionals only. After that, the 23rd and 24th is open to the public for $10 each day (1 child per adult will be allowed in free of charge).

Photo Credits: Los Angeles Times


First Taste of International CES 2013

January 7, 2013 by  


There’s nothing quite like International CES – For those who’ve never been, CES is an annual event where scores of new technology are introduced in the Nevada desert. For some, the dizzying array of lights and endless chatter inside the world’s largest trade show saps the absolute life out of them, leaving them yearning for the evening where they can recharge inside the peace and quiet of their hotel room; for others, however, getting the year’s first taste of the upcoming technology invigorates them leaving not enough hours in the day.

While there are larger technology players who arrive to unveil their latest and greatest products, many of them can afford to generate enough buzz by creating their own events (think Apple) where they can take full control of their presentation. What’s special about CES is the smaller players – those who’ve been working night in and night out to disrupt the status quo – who use their costly platform to boldly introduce their innovations in hopes of being discovered. This, to me, is what CES is all about.

With that said, here are three notable products from Day 1:


Hapifork Aligned

The HAPIfork is an electronic fork which measures and monitors your eating habits. With the help of indicator lights and gentle vibrations, the HAPIfork will alert you if you’re eating too fast. After finishing your meal, you can upload your information via USB or Bluetooth to your online dashboard to track your progress. The HAPIfork will be accompanied by an app plus a coaching program which will help improve your eating behavior.

What’s remarkable about this product is that it tackles one of the root causes of obesity – eating too fast. What people forget is that the brain takes approximately 20 minutes to send out signals that they’re full. Increasing the time between fork servings and chewing food properly will provide more time for your brain to signal that you’ve had enough. This inevitably lessens calorie intake (not to mention elevates the dining experience).

What you eat is one of the things in life you can control. How you eat is another – I think HAPIfork will help many people eat the right way.

The HAPIfork is set to release some time in the next quarter for $99.99.

Nectar Power

Nectar Mobile Power

Talk about the perfect portable power system for the traveler or businessman. These swappable pods can charge any USB 2.0 compatible CE devices for up 2-4 weeks without ever having to be plugged into another wall outlet.

What’s extraordinary about this product is that it exhibits how far technology has come in the past year. In 2012, the only two products that did something similar was the Spigen SGP Kuel F60Q or the ZAGGSPARQ, both of which at most allowed 2-4 charges for most mobile phones and 1 charge for most tablets.

However, there are two drawbacks to the Nectar:

1)      Each pod is only good for one charge; after that, the pod needs to be recycled (each pod costs $10).

2)      The Nectar itself costs a whopping $299.

All in all, still a product that some may soon find indispensable.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

The Smart Body Analyzer is a tremendous scale that not only measures your weight but also tracks your body fat, BMI, heart rate and even the quality of the air you’re breathing. The scale combines wireless connectivity that allows you to see your progress through an online dashboard.

I’m a big proponent of technology that helps improve the mindfulness of helping people lead healthier lives. The Smart Body Analyzer by Withings helps make strides towards this. Already a recipient of the 2013 International CES Innovations Award, the $149.99 price tag is well justified.