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Frank Martin was raised in the foothills of the White Mountains in Western Maine. Being from a small town had its advantages, but he decided at an early age that he would dwell urban and escape to the mountains in his free time. Snowboarding is his passion and he says, “Music is the answer.” Frank explores new places through his stomach. He is a lover of this world and the people in it, and shows this by talking to everyone and asking questions: let’s say, a strong enterprising curiosity. He knows the people that make his coffee, clean the city streets, and drive public transportation.

Graduating with a B.S. in Business and Hospitality Management from the University of New Hampshire, Frank has been involved with Hotels and Corporate Real Estate Development for the better half of the decade. Upon moving to Washington, Frank stepped aboard Corliss Wine Estates as director of vineyard operations and brands. After 3 years with Corliss, Frank moved into digital media and branding with One to One Interactive as the Direct Sales Manager for the Western US.

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Paseo: Feels like a Long Lost Friend!

July 14, 2010 by  


Apparently I have not been in the know, but does it feel good to finally get there. Or taste good rather…

I try to make a weekly pilgrimage to Golden Gardens beach which for those of you who don’t know the area, sits on the Puget Sound right outside of a little pocket neighborhood called Ballard. In an earlier post, I commented on the views – now it’s time to talk food. I am sure most of my friends think that I sound like a broken record, but I explore a city through my stomach. I am all about food. Now granted – I’m no Bourdain, but I know what I like. Paseo – my new found friend, you had me at Cuban sandwich!

All sorts of goodness on this menu

There are two locations – one in Fremont and Golden Gardens (pictured below). Their specialty = pork sandwiches, but have a world of choice on the meat front. They also make a tofu sandwich for those who refuse to partake. The sando-s are simple: grilled bread, onions, lettuce, special mayo, and seasoned meat (or not) of your choice. I like that simplicity, but where they hook you is flavor. That little simplistic mix of things is just packed with punch. As for seating –  As you can see from the picture, it is relatively meager. There is a bar to sit at as well as a few covered picnic tables. The secret – grab your sandwich and head over to the beach area and enjoy it while looking out over the sound.

Made with love these sandwiches are!

Now you would think that I would have taken a pic of the sandwich… well I ate it before I remembered to snap a picture. Sorry about that… I will try to control myself next time I blog about food. It is worth the ride though – get over there and get one. One tip – bring a couple of wet napkins for clean up. Otherwise you will greasen your steering wheel or handle bars or whatever your mode of transport. The good news is if you are walking, you can keep licking your fingers. It really is that good.

PS – Bring cash. They don’t take plastic.

I don’t want to jinx it… has summer made it to the Pacific Northwest?

June 23, 2010 by  


The running joke when it comes to Summer in the northwest is that Summer officially starts on July 5th… not June 21.

It really is funny how much talking, tweeting, facebooking – what I like to call “the social” – goes on around the weather out here. Originally from New England, I moved to Seattle 4 years ago (this August will mark the fourth!) and I learned very quickly about how fickle the weather can be. From torrential rain and wind storms to some of the most beautiful days with views and vistas of the surrounding landscape, Seattle (or the Pacific Northwest (PNW) rather) has it all. Well my friends – it is late into June and I think Summer has finally made it. Although the skies have not been crystal clear, the clouds are burning off by about 10am each day and the temperature rises well into the 7o’s. No humidity… I can’t tell you what a relief that is coming from the east coast. That type of oppressive weather – shoot – it’s like walking around in someone’s mouth. Gross.

The past week or so I have been thinking about this blog post because there are reasons why all of us reside in the PNW and weather like this is one of them. What amazes me about the weather being nice is how happy people are and how they go to great lengths to enjoy it. I am posting a couple of pictures from two nights ago at Golden Gardens beach – unreal right? I took my motorcycle out that evening to catch this sunset – it was incredible. Obviously still some clouds up there, but the view was intense. As the sun set, the amount of colors increased and the mountains glowed. The sun sets behind the Olympic Mountains – which you can’t make out from this picture – but they are still snow-capped. The beach is packed with sunset gazers and packs of friends BBQ’ing up brats and tofurkey dogs (i know right? But a delicacy in the NW). It really gives you a sense of community, mutual respect for nature, and how amazing this place can really be. So once again… I was standing on a beach – in sand mind you (as opposed to rocks), evergreen forests behind me, the sun setting in front of me, sailboats on Puget Sound, and snow-capped mountains in the distance. Come on now… really?

The view looking west at Golden Gardens beach in Ballard

I think more amazing still – is how much the people that live here appreciate the good weather. That sounds silly – I know. I get it. BUT – you know when you have something all of the time how easy is it to take it for granted. Something as simple as seeing the sun. It unites us – all of us – as it is one of the largest objects that all of us can see everyday. Yet if you really think about it – without it this place would be a bunch of rocks and gas; AND any further away or closer to it, nope. Nothing.

Now I am not an extreme environmentalist… tree hugger… far from it. I just can’t help but recognize the power of sunlight and the respect/gratefulness the people in my community have for it. A sunny day – unites us all.

10 Minutes later... looking east toward the Olympic Mountains

First Growth Trees Repurposed into Tasting Room Art

June 10, 2010 by  


Wood detail brought to life!

Ever since I moved to Seattle from the east coast, I have been in awe of the history surrounding the area in logging and forestry. Although modern day logging still continues, local organizations have gone to great lengths to preserve trees that have withstood the tests of time – heavy winds, voracious precipitation… even volcanic eruptions – yes multiple!  There are old growth tree preservation areas hosting lookouts and viewing areas of trees well over 6′ in diameter – it is unreal. So when my friend Flynn called me and proposed a business idea harvesting old growth trees – my head turned sideways.

His idea was simple: In the city of Seattle – coined the Emerald City – trees fall all of the time due to weather. Historically, these trees were cut into firewood and burned. Flynn wanted to take the fallen trees and repurpose them into furniture. Tables, chairs – whatever the wood speaks to. I couldn’t tell you how excited I was to be a part of the project. To immortalize something that would have otherwise been burned – how cool! We decided to call it Freeform – as we never knew what kind of trouble we would get into, but as long as it had to do with repurposing something then we were good to go. Taking no particular form = Freeform. Ahhh necessity – the mother of creation!

Over the past year, we have been working on some of our first wood to emerge from the kiln. All wood is shipped over to Vashon Island, a small land mass accessible by ferry from West Seattle and cut into slabs. Due to the sheer size of these behemoths, traditional methods of cutting them longitudinally is deployed using large chainsaws. Once the logs are cut into slabs, they are then strapped down and placed in a kiln to remove remaining moisture. They are then transported to the wood shop where the finishing touches are completed.

Very cool stuff and super fun. The first client that Freeform obtained is Fidelitas Winery located on Red Mountain – a Washington state American Viticultural Area (AVA) in Benton City. Try some Malbec, check out the wood, and look out over the Yakima Valley. Fun and yummy!

"Knotty" Detail

This old methuselah has been shined up and ready for use again!