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Justin Brown

Justin Brown is the author of Kiwi Speak, Bowling Through India and the soon to be released - Myth New Zealand. He has always been interested in travel, new experiences and meeting new people. In addition to travel, his family and becoming the world's biggest sports cheat is what keeps him the most active.

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Those Kiwis Sure Talk Funny!

May 23, 2010 by  



One day I decided to hit the streets of Auckland, New Zealand and accost unlikely cruise ship tourists. The idea was to find out how they say Kiwi-isms (0r Kiwi Speak.) The result was pretty damn funny. Well I enjoyed it anyway…

Where are the Real Men?

March 22, 2010 by  



In New Zealand we used to have what were known as Good Keen Men. Much like Barry Crump – a Kiwi version of Crocodile Dundee – these males hunted pigs deer and shaved with bloody great hunting knives.

But do such men still exist? Or do they now wear moisturiser and buy their cut firewood from the supermarket?

While researching my latest book (Myth New Zealand) I was relieved to find the Good Keen Man is out there, but much like our native bird the Kiwi, they’re a little hard to find until you venture into the bush (slang for wop wops, boonies, back of beyond.)

In saying that, I know a guy who once called the cops to change his car tyre. Tell me that isn’t you!

Enjoy the song – it’s for Metrosexuals everywhere!