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Marcello Arrambide considers himself a fanatical entrepreneur. During his younger years, when CD burning software first came out, he burned CD's and sold them for $5 to $10 a piece, worked at a bakery and took the leftovers to school and sold them to students for breakfast the next morning. He flew to New York City and found a contact in China to have purses and wallets shipped him directly to sell.

He has since tried sales, real estate, software and day trading, where he coaches others to learn and develop their skill in the market. He plans to show everyone how easy living and moving overseas can be on your own terms as long as you have high speed internet and a computer.

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Dancing at Caribana Caribbean Festival

August 1, 2010 by  


We were to allude security and walk inside the parade.  While I wouldn’t recommend it, it wouldn’t have been as fun unless you were involved in the parade.  The festival was supposed to start at 10 am but with Caribbean time in full effect it started getting really good at around 2 pm.  It was supposed to end at 6 pm but as we were leaving at 5.30 pm there were still massive crowds entering the park as they started to let everyone inside the fences.

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Toronto Sightseeing: Caribana Caribbean Festival

August 1, 2010 by  


Caribana Pictures, Caribana Toronto, Toronto Caribana

The largest Caribbean festivals are held in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago respectively.  Toronto is the host to the largest Caribbean festival outside of the Caribbean: Caribana.  It also has been named the largest festival in North America.  Some are lucky enough to jump the fence when security turn around and be part of the parade (dont ask me how I took this photo).  A melting pot of cultures that join forces to dance, party, and have a good time.  See the CN Tower for more Toronto Sightseeing and a picture of the festival of laughs for Quebec sightseeing.

Top 5 Kenya Attractions

July 30, 2010 by  


things to do in mombasa, tusks, getting to Mombasa,

Tusks in Mombasa


BEACH! BEACH! BEACH! This is the Miami Beach of Kenya and also one of the main Kenya tourist attractions outside of the great migration.  Gorgeous beaches line the area like Watamu and Tiwi beach.  They even have isolated beaches like Lamu.  Did I mention the beach?  Watamu has great coral reefs providing great diving and snorkeling activities.  There are also cultural and historical sites to see such as Hindu temples, Gede ruins in Malindi, and even the Njali Theater that plays Bollywood movies (see top 5 tourist places in india for more on Bollywood movies).

The Great Migrations, wildebeast migration, great migration,

The Great Migration in Kenya

Great Migration

This is the most popular tourist attraction of all the things you can do in Kenya.  An incredible sight to see as zebra, gazelles, and wildebeest, migrate north from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.  The best time to see the migration is in July and August (best in mid-July or after).  Find a tour company that knows the routes and can provide the best experience.

Lake Manyara at the Great Rift Valley, great rift valley, Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara at the Great Rift Valley

Lakes & Rivers – great rift valley

The country has a bountiful system of lakes and rivers.  Kenya also lays claim to the second largest fresh water lake in the world in Lake Victoria.  Lake Bogoria is one of the popular Kenya tourist destinations known for its hot springs, geysers and the Great Rift Valley.  The valley is a geological phenomenon that is great for pictures and exploring.

picture of mount kenya

Mount Kenya

Mount Kilimanjaro & Mount Kenya

Towering at over 19,000 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro is the fourth-largest free-standing mountain in the world and the highest mountain in Africa.  Great for hiking and other outdoor activities, many say that the best views of the great mountain come from Kenya.  In order to get to the mountain you will have to cross into Tanzania and pick a good tour guide.  Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and the highest in all of Kenya.  For hiking and outdoor enthusiasts it provides great opportunities with both mountains being so close to all the Kenya attractions.

Safari in kenya, safari in africa, african safari

A Safari in Kenya

Wildlife Parks and Sanctuaries

The wildlife that can be seen at the wildlife parks and sanctuaries in Kenya are unprecedented.  Many times you are able to see exotic animals such as lions, cheetahs, monkeys, and many others in their natural habitat.  There are even many homes in Kenya that have wild monkeys living in front and back yards.  As with many places in Africa, many times you are able to play with some of the exotic animals such white tigers (I would recommend the babies not the adults).

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Why I Left the States

July 28, 2010 by  

santiago santo domingo

Driving through the middle of Dominican Republic

The time is near.  You can just feel it coming closer; it’s in the back of your mind when you wake up, it pops in your mind during the day, and you have alienated your friends by talking about it so much.  Whether it’s a vacation or a move overseas you can just feel it coming at some point.  The breaking point comes as fast as you can smell a baby’s diaper and the smell just lingers there until you do something about it.  Since I came back from Italy I kept planning my trip around the world.  My itinerary around the world kept changing and getting seemingly away from my reach.  I still smelled the diaper and it was time to change it.  The time had come and this is how I convinced myself to leave the states:

Costa Rica

Natural Hot Springs at a Hotel in Costa Rica

The Culture

America is often called a melting pot of cultures.  Those cultures often are Americanized and they become more American with hints of their own culture rather than the other way around.  I am more fascinated with 2,000 plus years of history rather than over 500 years of history.  Imagine looking at the Egyptian Pyramids that were built thousands of years ago.  I want to go to Italy and walk on the streets that were built by the Roman Empire that are still in use today.  I was lucky enough to be able to live in southern Italy and see all the things to do in Sicily, an island that has been in turmoil by almost every culture in history.

la boca, tango, argentina

Watching Tango in La Boca Argentina

The Experience

What would you be doing in the United States?  Work, Party, Eat, Sleep  Why not work for yourself on the internet where you can have the freedom to pick up and move to a different country whenever you want.  There are many reasons why you be living overseas.  Why not party in places that are infamous for it like Amsterdam and the exotic islands of Mikonos and Ibiza?  And as I struggle to keep my weight under 500 pounds from eating such delicious food like fish and chips in Iceland, café con leche and steak in Buenos Aires, and poutine in Montreal, I won’t bore you with those details.

IMG 1211 768x1024 My Trip around the world: Why I left the United States

Profiterols au chocolate – Dessert in Montreal

You won’t enjoy it when you’re old

We can all agree that we are invincible and that nothing is ever going to happen to us.  That includes getting those fabulous creases on our face and that fashionable salt and pepper look you have been dying for.  Who wants to be old climbing up 200 stairs to see part of the Wall of China or terracotta warriors?  I personally love it when I get heartburn from eating one pepperoni much less an entire piece of pizza.  You can still enjoy travelling when you are older but you enjoy it much more when you are young.  You can do more things, find unique ways of saving money, and you don’t have to carry around that packet of 80 antibiotics too!

south coast iceland, golden tour iceland

On the Golden Tour in Iceland

Tired of the same routine

Who likes to do the same thing every day for 40 years?  Let me put it this way, who is even with the same partner for 5 years? (United States divorce rates are over 60%-just saying we don’t like things constant)  Imagine being able to just pick up and go.  One morning you are having the best café con leche in the world in Colombia and then you decide you want to have the best sushi in the world in Japan.  You look for flights, you find your accommodation, and you pick up and go.  There is always another adventure around the corner.

So I implore you to share why do you travel?  Or better yet why don’t you travel?  You’re not going to afford it later in life so why not do it now?  What are your thoughts?

Canadian Bus Travel Review

July 28, 2010 by  


When getting around Canada you are provided with many different options whether you are trying to get around a specific city or the country itself.  As I am 2/3 into my exploration of the country I have been able to take them all.  Transportation in Canada in Canada is very simple and straightforward for any novice or expert traveler.  On my recent weekend trip to see all the things to do in Montreal I used the Canadian bus system.  When I took my great American road trip I was also able to use the bus system to get there.

transportation in canada, getting around canada

Greyhound bus at Toronto Bus Terminal

There are three major companies that you can choose from; Greyhound, Coach Canada, and Megabus.  Coach Canada and Greyhound are the more established brands in the market while Megabus is the newest.  The fares between the three vary greatly; Greyhound is the most expensive, Coach Canada is right in the middle, and Megabus would be by far the cheapest of all three.  Megabus often advertises a $1 fare which can be very cost effective after taxes and other charges (you didn’t think it was actually $1 did you?).

getting around canada, transportation in canada

Standerd Double Decker Megabus

All three companies have a challenge with reliability as traffic and other factors affect the times of buses.  They do always show up but many times they are late because of things they cannot control.  Greyhound you can bet on being at least one hour late on a consistent basis unless you are travelling early in the morning.  Coach Canada and Megabus can range on their delayed times but they always arrive sooner than Greyhound.

The greatest advantage of Megabus is that it’s the newest of the three bus companies.  This allows them to have the newest and nicest buses of the three.  The only disadvantage is the range of cities they have bus service to.  They mainly stick to the largest destinations and the most popular routes.  Since Greyhound is the most established they have the oldest buses but one of the most extensive Canadian bus system routes.  The interior of the buses often look dingy and like your grandmother’s living room.  Coach Canada has old buses as well but many times they aren’t as bad as the ones from Greyhound.

Coach Canada Bus

Coach Canada Bus

One of the biggest differences between Megabus and both Coach Canada and Greyhound is that Megabus actually honors a reservation.  Not to say that Coach Canada and Greyhound don’t let you on the bus but if you do buy a ticket for both these companies it’s on a first come first serve basis.  Megabus has a confirmation number that you have to give the driver in order to get on the bus.  Greyhound and Megabus will only graze your ticket information, as long as it has their name on it they will let you on the bus.

If you decide to travel by bus to see all the Canada attractions make sure to book your ticket with Megabus.  They are one of the most reliable buses that you can take and also are the cheapest (most important thing right?).  It always helps when the interior fits modern décor instead of the ancient 1920’s style.

Upside Down Zipline on Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

July 26, 2010 by  

MG 0117 1024x681 Upside Down Zipline Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

I had to try the upside down Zipline

We spent part of our time in a hotel near Arenal Volcano to be able to see all the attractions near the volcano.  This was my first zipline experience and it was better than I expected.  We had a group of guys that were extremely fun.  They let us zipline upside down, together, and even on our backs.  If you are ever in Costa Rica don’t forget to visit Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Falls.  They both are some of the popular Costa Rica attractions.

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Guide to Iceland Sightseeing Tours

July 26, 2010 by  


IMG 0976 150x150 Guide to Iceland Sightseeing ToursIceland is a massive country and if you want to see everything you either have to rent a car or take Iceland sightseeing tours.  Considering the cost of gasoline and renting a car, Iceland tours become much more feasible.  The most popular of are Golden Circle and South Coast.  Due to the aftermath of the volcano that left European air commutes comatose for a few weeks a new volcano aftermath tour has emerged as well.  Here is your guide to Iceland sightseeing Tours:

Conversion rate used as of July 19th 2010: 1 US Dollar to 122.50 Iceland Kronar

Golden Circle Iceland

Golden Circle is THE most popular tour that everyone takes when visiting Iceland.  Prices may vary from $72 to $270 and the entire tour generally takes 7-9 hours.  Many times operators will take longer to accommodate the travelers.  You can decide if you want to go via bus or jeep.  The jeep excursions are more fun but more expensive as well since they take you out on the glaciers.

Main stops always includeThingvellir National Park,  Gulfoss Waterfall, and the geysers at Haukadalur

Optional stops: Kerio volcanic crater, city of Hverageroi, Skaholt Church, and Nesjavellir geothermal plant

South Coast Iceland (Glacier lagoon optional)

The South Coast tour runs along Iceland’s south shore and is the 2nd most popular tour in Iceland.  Many tour operators package this tour together with Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.  Prices vary from $120 – $300 depending on whether you add extra tours.  The South Coast tour can take anywhere between 9-14 hours depending if you add the glacier package.

Main stop include: Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss Waterfalls, Reynisfjara shore, and various small villages

Optional stops: Kerio volcanic crater, Jokusarlon Glacial Lagoon

Blue Lagoon (combinations available)

Blue lagoon is one of the most popular things to do in Iceland.  The actual Blue Lagoon itself only takes a few hours and costs $25 – $50.  Many smart tourists combine this trip with other activities such as an airport drop off or a combination of other Iceland sightseeing activities which together lasts an entire day.  The combination tours vary from $100 – $200.

Main stopBlue Lagoon

Optional stops: Jeep tour, geysers, and airport

Glacial hikes & 4×4 tours

Many tour operators offer to take you off roading on glaciers and provide boat rides onto the glacier lakes.  Another popular Iceland tourist attraction is walking hikes on the actual glaciers themselves.  I recommend both!  Prices vary from $150 – $320 and the these tours generally take 9 – 11 hours.  This tour may include different areas of Iceland, the most common is Snaefellsjokull National Park,

The Northern Lights

This is what most people come to Iceland for.  The most popular things to do in Iceland, it only takes one night to do.  Sometimes you have to take the tour twice because The Northern lights wont appear.  Be sure to arrive between the months of March and September (those two months are actually best).  Prices vary from $30 – $70 and the length can vary greatly since the Northern Lights can be unexpected.  Most times the tours last only a few hours.

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Iceland Travel Advice: Don’t Take a Dump Where the Earth Cracks

July 25, 2010 by  


south coast, golden circle, iceland sightseeing, glaciers, things to do iceland

In Iceland, everything is really far away.  In order to see the best sights the country has to offer you either have to rent a car or join one of the many Iceland tours.  We already completed a handful of tours including: West Iceland, South Coast, and the Glacier Lagoon.  We were promptly through the majority of our Golden Circle Tour after a monstrous lunch on the cliffs of one of Europe’s largest waterfalls, Gullfoss.  If you would like to see what Icelandic cuisine looks like, take a look at these two posts:  fish and chips and do you know what a puffin is?

The majority of us did use the restroom but there is always that “special companion” that decides they don’t have to go.  As we are walking through the Iceland geysers our special companion suddenly realizes that she has to use the restroom.  Gummi, our driver, takes us on a detour to see unique lava rock and we stop for a moment to have some of our peers play in the snow for the first time.  We get back in the van and the moment occurs: “I really have to use the bathroom”.

As this was the main topic of conversation as we get to ThingVellir and stop to marvel at The Mid Atlantic Trench.  This is where Iceland is actually being torn apart by the North American and European tectonic plates.  How would you like to live on an island that is being split by a few centimeters every year?  Another interesting fact, ThingVellir is also the site of the world’s first parliament.

We keep looking at the sights and it dawns again “I REALLY REALLY have to use the restroom” (emphasis on REALLY).  For men it’s considerably easier to use the restroom — you find a corner or a bush and you aim and fire.  Women, being classier and more refined than men, use the great invention called the toilet.  One problem: we are in the middle of a colossal national park with the nearest restroom being a 20-minute walk.  Being the smartest woman in the universe, she stalls me to let the group walk ahead and finds a quaint spot in the park; it’s called the Mid-Atlantic Trench.  I kid you not, she literally took a dump where the earth cracks (pause for laughter, I still laugh when I think about it).  I don’t want to alarm the environmentalists since it’s widely known that manure is great for the soil.

Iceland Travel Advice: Try to use the restroom even if you don’t have to because in Iceland you are going to do A LOT of driving.

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