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Rodrigo Pacheco

Rodrigo Pacheco is a top-notch Ecuadorian chef who bases half his time in Quito and the other half in Banos, where he prepares meals made from fresh organic ingredients at Casa del Abuelo Art Hotel & Restaurant. He is also the executive chef at Cuisine Standard in Quito.

He has studied with some of the best, including Madrid Fusión in Spain, Alain Ducasse Formation in Paris, the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France, and the Instituto Inacap in Santiago, Chile among others.

He has done a Government Cultural Exchange in Canada and the Masters of Food and Wine tour of the world in Buenos Aires, Argentina,
representing Ecuador as an invited chef. Rodrigo was also a Culinary radio show host on Saberes y Sabores.

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The Colada Morada, Served on the Finados Holiday

October 24, 2011 by  



This is my own version of a traditional Ecuadorian drink called colada morada, served on the ” finados ” holiday, that takes place at the beginning of November. This drink is made with purple corn flour, differentes types of berries, fruits, spices , herbs, and a red flower called sangoracha, where the black amaranth comes from.

A healthy drink, it is typically served hot  with a ” guagua de pan ” which are little doe dolls decorated with colors, it is a family activity to prepare it. I wanted to add some modernity to this delicious beverage, I called it Colada Morada’s Creme Brulee. I also replaced the “guagua de pan ” with a gold feuilletine bisquit. It had the shape of an Inca’s sun.


L’Academie Culinaire de France

September 25, 2011 by  



The Académie Culinaire de France was founded in 1883 by Joseph Favre, a Swiss chemist living in Paris with a particular interest in food. Today, its members can be found all over the world.

The academy’s goals are to: develop the culinary and pastry arts, promote haute cuisine, maintain the prestigiousness of the profession, and update old recipes.

Members of the academy hold national prestige and, in foreign countries, they play an important role as ambassadors of the culinary and pastry professions. The president, Mr Gerard Dupont , the chef Andre Obiol , and my own efforts made me part of this great experience.I had the honor to have been selected as a member of this great institution. Thank you.

The Andes and the Ocean Inspire Ecuadorian Abalone: Patemula

September 24, 2011 by  



One thing I love to do is feel free when it comes to creating a recipe. I am impressed, every day, by the mountains that surround me in Ecuador, volcanoes giving life generously. However, its the fresh ocean mist that comes to mind when I think about making food. I believe the ocean is intuitive and when I listen to it, my mind and body tell me to try a different mix, a new idea.

“Patemula” is the ecuadorian Abalone, found in the Esmeraldas province, one of the hottest spots for finding good products and good food as well. It was a bit rainy one day and I felt like I was somehow being protected by the Andes. This feeling reminded me that vegetables like  corn, fava beans and little potatos from my grandmother’s garden would go well with pretty much everything.  Also by intuition, I added small pieces of confit pork. The final touch was an emulsion made from orange and lemon blend, which added some perfumery freshness to the dish. Enjoy from afar!

Sous Vide Cooking in Chef Georges Pralus Lab

September 23, 2011 by  



It is always nice to learn from my good friend, the Chef Georges Pralus, one of the most influent chefs in the world. He invented the Sous Vide 40 years ago, he also installed the HACCP system into the hospitality world, he developed the vacum packing machines that we use these days,  the vapor ovens, the digital needle thermometers, the VAPO SAVEUR system and, several other great inventions. He trained more than 8 thousand chefs from all over the world, including all the famous ones. Chef Pralus is now a consultant for Cuisine Standard, we have been working together in the last 4 years. This time I did a certification as a sous vide professor, in his lab in Briennon where he invented and developed the Sous Vide. It was a unique experience with a great chef and person. One week of preparing and eating so well. It will be hard to forget.

Calamari with Pistachio Prepared Straight from the Ocean

September 18, 2011 by  



I was cooking lunch one afternoon. I had just received some fresh seafood from a our good friend Maria from Esmeraldas, located in the north of the ecuadorian coast, who gave me some very high quality fish straight from the ocean. I tried something new…I cleaned the sepia (calamari), got rid of the skin membrane, then cut it in slices of 8 cm by 5 cm. I placed them  in between film wrap and passed it trough the pasta machine.

The result was a very thin layer of calamari, which I then prepared a pistachio and fresh herbs stuffing for, which resulted in a calamari cannelloni. To go with it, I made a cauliflower smooth gelee, and grilled scallops.

Pastres Magistrales: World Pastry Champion Chef Guillot Wins Award

September 16, 2011 by  




Chef Guillot is a true champion, he has won the M.O.F ( Meilleur ouvrier de France Glacier ) , he is also the world champion of pastry and the Executive chef of the ENSP ( Ecole National Superieure de la Patisserie ), he did 15 years in 3 Michelin stars restaurants such as Marc Veyrat and Georges Blanc. Working beside him was a true honor, we did conferences in 3 different cities in Ecuador, the event called ” Postres Magistrales ” was a big succes, Cuisine Standard and ENSP, working to give a high end education to the people of Ecuador.

Argentina: Masters of Food and Wine Mendoza 2011

September 14, 2011 by  



It was a great pleasure to be invited  to this beautiful event again this year. It is a great to be where food lovers from all over the world travel to one of the most important wine areas in South America, the city of Mendoza in Argentina famous for its Malbec. I had the honor to have cooked in the Vina Zuccardi.

I prepared a menu by using their local products, not the ones representing my country. I thought that is interesting to show our way of working and understanding this profession by using products that I had never used before. A big risk that I wanted  to take. This got me very close to the land of Mendoza and all the people who helped in the kitchen doing new things with their own products. A lunch for a 150 people was prepared, served and well appreciated. This was the menu:

Viscacha Consomme Bound with Chestnut Puree and Toasts with Viscacha Confit and with Candied Fig Vinaigrette

Grilled Sole Fillet, Leek and Potato Tagliatelle, and Bouillabaisse Reduction

Lamb Sirloin, Stuffed Endive, Pumpkin Marmalade, and Seasoned Mushrooms


Cuisine Standard and Alain Ducasse Formation

December 22, 2010 by  


When it comes to good food, it is important to consider every detail, putting ourselves into a constant awareness towards perfection. Simplicity  turned to art it is the way  how I describe the art of food, at least the one i’m trying to reach for. Every  bite must be surprising, it must create  feelings as music does, jumping form one chord to another, in harmony.
In this ” musical” experience,  the protagonists where fresh stuffed fish with calamary, chard and lemon, an anchovy and arugula pistou ,  and a variety of crunchy baby leafs, making this dish something fun to enjoy  with our five senses.
Almost one year ago I founded Cuisine Standard, a growing company who offers multiple solutions for the culinary world. One of our colaborateurs is ADF ( Alain Ducasse Formation ) we have done very interesting activities together , two events with plenty of success, where we shared a message from Alain Ducasse trough his cuisine, in the hands of Nicolas Navarro, one of the senior chefs of this first class company holding, Groupe Alain Ducasse, owned by one of the most successful chefs on earth. It is always an honor to work with them sharing knowledge, technique, and a message about life and conservation to future and professional cooks. In 2011 we will continue to offer this great events to the people of Ecuador and other countries in Latin America.

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