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India: There and Back Again

May 27, 2012 by  


A creeper flourishing its niche onto the sand .
Digha, March,2012

A maize farmland on outskirts of the Meerut city.
On our way to Haridwar,January2012

Spotted this black Nightingale on a broken frame from the hotel room.

Digha, March,2012

Ancient Ruins of Nalanda

May 23, 2012 by  

Walking through the premises of Nalanda made me recollect my history classes. According to Xuanzang’s manuscript only 90% of it  has been excavated.
Its library was set on fire by the army of  a Turk invader , which took 6 months to extinguish.The vehement scars can be seen on the walls. This is a room  for students then. 


‘The bow’ on the floor remarks presence of the Gupta Dynasty during 7th Century. It took year after year for many students across the World to reach this pilgrimage, which later in12th century got ransacked by Bakhtiyar Khilji.


A monk zooming out his lenses, trying to focus on those undiscovered stretches. (Image courtesy -  Tanmay Mukherjee)


Sariputta Stupa, sheathed by foggy winter. Out of so many viharas, temples and stupas, I could remember only this stupa by name; reason being the image is synonyms to Nalanda everywhere.

December 2011, Nalanda District, Bihar


Sunrise on the Beach at Digha

May 21, 2012 by  



The gamboge Sun that shone all through the day. A perfect start to our quick sojourn.
Bong weekenders’ mecca – Digha. A finesse sunrise at its beach . 


Since last few years, tourists are little averse to old Digha’s beach, however, we found it enticing.  Although, beaches like Mandarmoni, Shankarpur and Tajpur are more serene and less populous.


The Allure of Shimla

May 20, 2012 by  

After being chased by a chain of porters and touts, stopped near a bench, loosened our backpacks; in Calm, in This….
The town Shimla from its ridge. 


Saptami evening at Shimla’s Kali Bari.


Shimla is incomplete without this marvel, sheathed by dense fog.

Nonchalant Moments Spent in India

May 19, 2012 by  



My first experience with a digital camera. (In pic) Baba and Mithua.

Heritage Train, Shimla,2007.

At the Retreat ceremony, thousand hearts and an unanimous voice ‘Vande Mataram’.

Attari, Punjab,2011.
A family resting beside serene Bapsa at Chitkool. A day trek will lead them to the Tibetan villages.
Himachal Pradesh, 2011.
Lord Hanuman along with his descendant.
Haridwar, 2012.

Indian Food: The Magic of Chandni Chowk on my Platter

May 18, 2012 by  

Nataraj Dahibhalla Corner would always be my first stop. My taste buds start to tingle as I am out of the Chandni chowk’s metro station. And then a gloomy crowded right turn rides me to the destination. The corner of the road (gali as we call it) meets this chaat corner.
With no space to sit or stand leisurely, they are delivering faster than machines. Two prime and only chaats (kind of spicy  Indian savory snacks) are Dahi bahlla and Aloo tikki.I usually go for both of them . Spending 20 rupees/plate is of full worth and treat to your mouth. The tikkies are soft and crispy while bhallas are succulent.This roadside kiosk might not cater to your physical comfort but if you are a chaat lover, like me , you would certainly come forever!
Streets of Chandni chowk are dark ,suffy , chockablock with wires; but all these doesn’t matter to its lovers. Be it shopping of  Lahenga (an Indian dress) or Kalira (marriage jewelry) or Mithai (sweets), Chandni chowk is the place. During my university days , I was a frequent visitor with friends and beau. The Indian sweet giant Haldiram  has also an outlet here. Others like Ghantawala, Jalibiwala and bengali sweet house Annapurna do also share the fame.
My next stop is at Paranthawala gaali. From kaddu (gaurd) to khurchan what not in their list of paranthas      (stuffed fried bread). The accompaniments with the paranthas includes sweet and sour chutnies, mix vegetable, chola-aloo curry and pickle. Just like paranthas are stuffed well, these shops in the lane remain stuffed with gourmets too. A normal aloo or mix parantha would cost you 40 rupees, however, if you desire for premium ones like bhindi, pineapple or khurchan , they would cost little higher.
Finally, with a Lassi (sweet yogurt shake) in a khullar(clay pot) I would conclude my meal. Lassi in a plastic/thermocol  glass costs 5 rupees lesser than the khullar which is of 30 rupees.
Delhi-6, Purani dilli, Chandni chowk, Chawri, Khari baoli, Dariba kalan, Gurudwara Sisgunj, Kinnari bazar or for whatever purpose you may visit here, a Delhite will reminiscence this place.

A Glorious Sunset at India Gate

May 18, 2012 by  



A chilly crowded Sunday dusk.
……..And the wow moment hit with the twilight.
Glimmering glimpse of  Rashtrapati Bhawan (Presidential House).


Finally, the sun disappeared as I captured this valedictory moment.
29th January 2012, India Gate , Delhi.

The Beauty of Harmandir Sahib at Night

May 17, 2012 by  

This illuminated Sikh architecture is a nocturnal bliss.
Crystal chandelier inside the Temple.
This lake surrounds the Gurdwara and has got various species of the carp family.
The Golden Temple, also known as Darbar Sahib.

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