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Todd Tate is a web and social media management consultant, largely for the music industry. His company 5thbeatle.net handles social media, SEO saturation, social media propagation and strategy. He is not only a lover of the music industry, but is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer/songwriter. He also works closely with Brian Zisk as a Community Engineer for the SF Music Tech Summit every year in San Francisco.

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What We Do. (Besides Being Your Fifth Beatle).

March 19, 2010 by  


5thbeatle.net offers the following services:

*Social Media Network analysis, network authoring, strategy consulting, redesign, execution, and maintenance
*Facebook Fan Page creation and maintenance, ad buys, custom fan page tabs
*Twitter Custom Page creation and use strategy
*Myspace friending, custom page design, and commenting campaigns
*Additional Social Network seeding for SEO
*Website Production ( hand coded, FourFour, or WordPress ), and maintenance.
*Total Web site content migration to CMS system ( Want to blog / update yourself? )
*Basic Sysadmin projects ( moving Websites, e-mail creation i.e. you@yourband.com )
*iPhone app execution and launching, maintenance
*Entertainment PR
*Physical and Digital Distribution
*Special Project Management
*Graphic Design

twt.fm & How To Stay On Top Of Web Music Technology

February 19, 2010 by  


These days our bandwidth can be so low from working and maintaining relationships with family and friends how do you keep up with the latest and greatest? Easy; use Twitter to follow the people that actually create the technology. That brings us to Lee Martin; he takes care of Them Crooked Vultures and Beck’s Web needs, and he is also a developer within the Web Music Technology community. I am a little late on being completely blown away by his Twitter app to stream music twt.fm. To be exact I am up and over 1.7m users late!

Within maybe 30mins I had uploaded links to 3 songs of my band Life Love Misery, including links to purchase from iTunes and it was played almost 200 times. Imagine if you band is popular; watch your bandwidth! Once you log in and start an account this is what your twt.fm page looks like.

This app enables you to find certain song streams from a currently unknown source and Tweet to your friends, or you can upload links to mp3s, YouTube videos, and Soundcloud song files.

An advantage to using twt.fm is you can only stream the file, you cannot download it as far as I can tell. A good attribute for those whom do not want to just give away their music downloads for free.

You ask, “well how to I keep track of find these talented developers that are hacking the future of Web Music Technology?” I suggest keeping tabs on this Website and following those whom attend the “Music Hack-days events” that are organized by Soundcloud.com’s own David Haynes.

Another good example of finding a gem of an app or “hack-of” is included on this list. Which one do you think is a gem? Which one is bound to not fade away with the constant 6-month technology tide that washes away someones great idea? Well, I’ll be hacking away at my fav and I will debut my case-use of this hack very soon. Stay tuned to 5thbeatle.net!

Google, Myspace, and Collecta; 2010 the Year Real-Time Search Takes Off

January 19, 2010 by  


A new exciting year is upon us! Many are still absorbing the news of Imeem going down, and the few possibly..or real reasons why. For those of us in the know, it is surprising to hear what really brought Imeem down, then again maybe not too surprising. Anyways…

Onto bigger news that improves things for musicians and fans a like is the Google and Myspace deals going down lately.

Status Updates

Google works Myspace status updates into their real-time search capabilities. Oh this is so “last month” as far as news, but a really big deal for the landscape of 2010. I’m gathering the deal is you can get real time results of *status updates* from Myspace, Twitter, and soon Facebook Fan Pages, via Google.

To check this out in action, simply:

1) Go to Google
2) Below the search box click on ” + Show Options ”
3) On left hand navigation go down and click “Latest”
4) Bingo you will see real-time data start to scroll down the page
5) This is the future!

What does this mean to you the musician or band that wants to have presence on the Web?
Update your status’s! ; no matter the consensus on how “cool” Myspace is. You must still have some sort of presence there and update it, maybe even daily!

Or if you want a more thorough and even easier way to view what is going on in the Myspace-sphere right now you have to check out Collecta’s real-time Myspace search interface.

Instead of *just* status updates. This arrangement drafted by Myspace and Collecta enables users to search for sentiment / key words in Blogs, Comments *and* status updates!

Myspace is wheeling and dealin’, so be sure to include it your daily routine of Web and Social Media Presence for Music Marketing and Fan Engagement. Tell your fans about Real-time search at Collecta and Google. When people ask you where your from, say ” I’m from allova’ “

Soundcloud.com Embeddable Widgets; So SOCIAL!

December 19, 2009 by  


While working on Santana’s Trumpeter, Bill Ortiz’s upcoming Website using the www.fourfour.com Band Website CMS I had to create a few pages to showcase his music. Featuring his latest release was easy to-do by using the built-in “Store” and music player widget in the CMS. But then I had to create two pages to feature “Live with Santana” and another entitled “As a Guest Artist” and upload a number of one-minutes samples of music he has played on including Toni Toni Toni, Luce, Rebeca Mauleon, and Joyce Cooling just to name a few. After considering a custom hack of the Yahoo Media Player, and a couple others, I landed on Soundcloud.com .

The new feature to reach out to your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail contacts is pretty nifty to get the word out that you are on Soundcloud. Also the Social functionality is tops, you simply click anywhere on the time-line of the sound file and you can leave a comment, after logging in at Soundcloud of course. The widgets are up-to-date looking in presentation and easy to use. For free accounts, if I have this correct, you have a limit of minutes of audio ( 120mins ) you can upload, but there are no limits on outbound streaming. The site has other “fee based” options to be able to share audio with others. Check it out here.

This is some serious cool-factor. Below is the “standard” Soundcloud widget I made for my band. I would show you Bill’s widget but you will have to wait until we launch his new site. The Premium widgets look great and come with their Premium services. BTW, you can upload multiple songs into one widget. You can also embed these nifty widgets on Facebook via the Soundcloud Player Facebook App.

Delightful by lifelovemisery

New Fang by crookedvultures

Europe or BUST: Spotify Opens Indie Floodgates

October 19, 2009 by  


I’ve done a couple outreach campaigns with my band to European countries on a network-to-remain-nameless and I must admit, they like my music more that America does. So far at least. Last.fm is cool , but Spotify of course is all the new rage. So maybe 4 weeks ago I went through Cdbaby Digital and asked to just be put into Spotify as I have already put my music into stores via Tunecore. I am imagining I should be up and available very soon. CDbaby was keeping this somewhat low key I noticed, but the cat is outta the bag now, and you have other options too.

Just got this e-mail from Spotify:

Dear Artists,

First of all; we are really glad to hear that you are interested in getting your music onto Spotify.

We appreciate your patience since you signed up to the Spotify Artist and Label list. Since we last communicated to you we have created some pretty cool things. For instance, it’s now possible to listen to your favorite music (and hopefully soon your music) using Spotify on your mobile phone. Also, our time and energy has gone into uploading thousands of tracks every day from the 80 thousand labels we currently have agreements with. However, getting more independent artists’ music onto Spotify is important to us, so we’re working on various solutions to assist you.

The current solution we offer indie artists is to make your deliveries through Record Union, Zimbalam, CDBaby or Ditto Music. They are artist-aggregators, whom we work closely with; and through them you can create a standard agreement and upload your music onto Spotify as well as deliver your music to other great digital services such as 7digital, iTunes, Amazon etc.

So if you want to join Spotify we strongly recommend you to go one of the following sites:





We’re really looking forward to having your music on Spotify soon!


The music team at Spotify

Nice note eh? Now go get your music everywhere! Europe or BUST!

TopSpin and Berklee College of Music Announce New Program Offerings

September 19, 2009 by  


The leader of direct-to-fan software solutions for music, TopSpin Media and the legendary Berklee College of Music in Boston just recently announced an exciting new course offering for folks to become TopSpin Certified and work with their unique platform.

The cost looks reasonable and the courses are offered on-line, so if your big on handling this type of work for bands or can make the investment to handle your own music all on your own ; check it out; powerful knowledge from folks that have been at the forefront of digital music delivery for quite some time.

I will let the authors of the program fill you in, check out the videos on the new Web site. Enjoy!