• Adam Groffman

    Adam Groffman

    In 2009, Adam Groffman quit his job as a graphic designer in Boston and went on a 15+ month trip around the world. The life-changing journey took him to places like North Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. Sin... Read more
  • Adele Hammond

    Adele Hammond

    Artist, traveler, and social entrepreneur, Adele Hammond divides her time between Hood River, Oregon and the home where her heart is, Oaxaca, Mexico. The raw texture and color of Mexico became a part of her life when a year ... Read more
  • Aleks Degtyarev

    Aleks Degtyarev

    Aleks Degtyarev is a Producer and Director at Panman Productions and a Consultant with Penguin in the City, Inc. His dream has always been to be a writer and filmmaker, ultimately a social engineer. After stints as a Social M... Read more
  • Andrea Spirov

    Andrea Spirov

    Andrea Spirov is a content developer and entrepreneur currently travelling the world with her husband, John, and living as an expat when she isn't. With a Masters in Media and Communications, Andrea is a specialist in online ... Read more
  • Anne-Claire Siegert

    Anne-Claire Siegert

    Anne-Claire Siegert is currently living in South Korea. She is a journalism graduate from The University of Tennessee and has worked as both a photographer and journalist for print and web in the U.S. and in Italy. Her passi... Read more
  • Anthony A Compagnone

    Anthony A Compagnone

    Anthony Compagnone is a bilingual speech and language therapist by day and has been helping kids and adults with their speech and language needs for over 20 years in New York. He is also a keen martial artist and has prac... Read more
  • April Rinne

    April Rinne

    April Rinne was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area and Colorado, and has been a traveler for as long as she can remember. Most of her early adventures were in national parks and included hiking, camping and ori... Read more
  • Benedict Cooper

    Benedict Cooper

    Benedict Cooper is a UK-based freelance writer with an extensive background in journalism and PR. He has written for the British national newspapers, trade journals, consumer magazines and online. His portfolio includes consu... Read more
  • Beth Blecherman

    Beth Blecherman

    Beth Blecherman started her career in application development then Senior Manager, Computer Process Integrity, for Deloitte. After senior management she took on family management blogging as her career 2.0. She is a Co-Founde... Read more
  • Brian Horstman

    Brian Horstman

    Brian Horstman is a teacher of English as well as a traveler, writer, photographer and cyclist. His interest in traveling around Latin America began while he was living in New Mexico, where he began to experience the Latino ... Read more
  • Bruce Fredrickson

    Bruce Fredrickson

    When you have visited almost 100 countries and flown over 7 million miles, you have plenty of stories and a lots of experiences to share. Bruce Fredrickson, founder of, loves to share, write and take photos... Read more
  • Carol Rolnick

    Carol Rolnick

    Carol Barbier Rolnick grew up in Japan and Southeast Asia, traveling extensively as a child through Asia, the Mideast and Europe on family vacations. Travel has continued as a priority through raising kids and continuing into... Read more
  • Carrie Dow

    Carrie Dow

    Carrie Dow is a freelance travel writer whose work has appeared in Islands, International Living and Go World Travel. She also published a children's book about her annoying cat called Morning, Miss Moo, available in hard cop... Read more
  • Carrie Kellenberger

    Carrie Kellenberger

    Canadian expat Carrie Kellenberger has kept a home base with her husband in Asia since 2003. A prolific traveler, Carrie has funded her travels primarily as a writer, editor, travel blogger and photographer, but she has also ... Read more
  • Charlie Amter

    Charlie Amter

    Charlie Amter works in music publishing and is based in Los Angeles. Previously, Amter was a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and has written for England's Guardian newspaper and others.He blogs for fun at Europopped.c... Read more
  • Cherie Altea Bitanga

    Cherie Altea Bitanga

    Cherie Altea Bitanga finds herself constantly making food, talking about food and around people who know food. Her daily adventures go beyond her own kitchen in Singapore, spanning from the nondescript holes-in-the-wall to su... Read more
  • Cheryl Lock

    Cheryl Lock

    Cheryl Lock is a former magazine, newspaper and website editor turned full-time freelance writer. She has worked on staff at the Daytona Beach News-Journal, More and Pare... Read more
  • Chris Banducci

    Chris Banducci

    Chris Banducci is a pastor and missionary in Taiwan. He has, at other times of his life, been a white-water rafter, rock climber and adventurer. He left the corporate world of Solid Waste Recycling in 1996 and went into ful... Read more
  • Christian Carollo

    Christian Carollo

    Christian Carollo is a freelance photographer based in the suburbs of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He has lived near Philadelphia his entire life and has a great appreciation for the culture, beauty, passion, and history the ci... Read more
  • Craig Ouellette

    Craig Ouellette

    Craig Ouellette is a world traveling, independent filmmaker, and karaoke fiend. He has been to dozens of countries, made dozens of films, and sung more karaoke songs than he can count. He hopes the tales of adventure will ent... Read more
  • Dahlia Nahome

    Dahlia Nahome

    Dahlia Nahome is an ex-London city girl who moved to the Costa Rican jungle with her husband and two children. She was formerly the head of account management at a top 10 London advertising agency but now runs www.costaricanv... Read more
  • David Sasaki

    David Sasaki

    David Sasaki is the Director of Rising Voices, a global citizen media outreach initiative of Global Voices Online. He manages a portfolio of small-scale projects around the developing world that use citizen media to effec... Read more
  • Deborah Crooks

    Twitter: @/deborahcrooks
    Deborah Crooks ( is a writer, performing songwriter and recording artist based in San Francisco whose lyric driven and soul-wise music has drawn comparison to Lucinda Williams, Chrissie Hynde and Natalie... Read more
  • Donna Sozio

    Donna Sozio

    Author, journalist and publishing consultant, Donna Sozio has been featured in 200+ media outlets including the Tyra Banks Show, Early Show, Fox News, Good Day LA, Seventeen Magazine, Yahoo! Personals,, Read more
  • Doug Levy

    Doug Levy

    Former USA Today reporter Doug Levy lives in New York City and spends a lot of his free time searching for great food and wine. As a PR pro, he specializes in healthcare and life sciences. Doug enjoys sharing his culinary obs... Read more
  • Douglas Crets

    Douglas Crets

    Twitter: @/douglascrets
    Douglas Crets is an intelligence officer and expert network builder for the social web. Using his training in journalism, digital media, anthropology and the humanities, he creates social media research projects for and about... Read more
  • Ellen Park

    Ellen Park

    Ellen Park has been gardening ever since she discovered playing in the dirt was more fun than digging in the sandbox. In her blog, Road Trips for Gardeners, she covers the world looking for plant-centric events, flower shows,... Read more
  • Emma Wells

    Emma Wells

    After living in America and New Zealand, Emma Wells moved to London where she began to cover life, work and travel in and around London on her blog On London Time. She shares advice for newcomers, travelers, and visitors alik... Read more
  • Ewan Spence

    Ewan Spence

    Ewan Spence is a blogger, author and writer based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. In addition to his own blog, he has contributed and contributes to BBC News, BBC Magazine (online), The Stage (UK Arts and Entertainment Newspaper)... Read more
  • Francis Tapon

    Francis Tapon

    Francis Tapon is half Chilean and half French and he was born and raised in San Francisco, California. He's been to over 80 countries, but he keeps coming back to this magical city because he loves earthquakes. He spoke Sp... Read more
  • Fred Hatman

    Fred Hatman

    Fred Hatman (AKA Howard Donaldson) knew he wanted to be newspaper journalist at age 13. He has worked as a reporter and sub-editor for the Daily News and Cape Times, both based in South Africa and Wimbledon News, Today, Londo... Read more
  • Gayle Keck

    Gayle Keck

    Lowell Thomas Award-winner Gayle Keck has sipped fermented mare’s milk in Kyrgyzstan, dug for truffles in Italy, crafted wine at Napa Valley’s “Crush Camp” and munched her way through every continent except Antarctica... Read more
  • Geoff Edwards

    Geoff Edwards

    Geoff Edwards is a veteran radio and television broadcaster. He has an Emmy for best talk show host, and an Emmy nomination for best Game Show Host. Besides hosting network game shows, he has appeared as an actor in numerous ... Read more
  • Glennia Campbell

    Glennia Campbell

    Twitter: @/glennia
    Glennia Campbell has been around the world and loved something about every part of it. She is interested in reading, photography, politics, reality television, food and travel and lives in the Bay Area of the U.S. She blog... Read more
  • Green Thing

    Green Thing

    Green Thing has two mouths and three eyes, lives in South End Green in London and is aged 22 (which incidentally is the Scrabble score for 'global warming'). His favourite band is Green Day, his favourite author is Grahame Gr... Read more
  • Gwen Knight

    Gwen Knight

    Gwen Knight is an itinerant student, who left the United States to pursue a degree in archaeology in Scotland and now lives in Sweden. Between archaeological digs, far-afield friends and sheer curiosity, she has thoroughly en... Read more
  • James Brennan

    James Brennan

    James Brennan is a freelance food and travel writer. The former food editor of Time Out Dubai and restaurant critic for The National newspaper, he has contributed to a range of publications in the Middle East and beyond, from... Read more
  • Javier Rojas

    Javier Rojas

    Javier Rojas is a managing director at Kennet Partners, a private equity firm that invests in growth companies in Europe and North America. He has been reviewing the best business books for awhile, posting summaries of the au... Read more
  • Jessica Sinclair

    Jessica Sinclair

    Jessica Sinclair is a freelance writer, travel nut, international affairs specialist, and enthusiast for all things global. Having grown up in New Zealand, England, Borneo and Australia, and with family scattered across the g... Read more
  • Jessica Tiare Bowen

    Jessica Tiare Bowen

    Jessica Tiare Bowen lives in the juicy Big Apple with her adorable pink-nosed chihuahua, Gillman. He's the inspiration for her first published children's book, "Park Avenue Pound Puppy." The book is the combined result of h... Read more
  • Jim Bamboulis

    Jim Bamboulis

    Twitter: @/travelmammal
    Jim Bamboulis has held several posts over the past 12 years, including National Sportscaster, Food Host and Writer, Talk Show Host, Olympic Researcher and Travel Film-maker. Born and raised in Toronto, Jim learned early on... Read more
  • Jim Schuyler

    Jim Schuyler

    Jim Schuyler (“But just call me ‘Sky’ — if Sting and Bono and Madonna can have just one name, then so can I”) is CTO of Traveling Geeks as well as CTO of The Dalai Lama Foundation, an international foundation for et... Read more
  • John Boivin

    John Boivin

    John Boivin is new to the blogosphere but not to writing. He worked as a print, radio and web journalist for more than 25 years until his retirement in 2010. He is now indulging in an old passion, landscape painting, as well ... Read more
  • Judy Razon

    Judy Razon

    Twitter: @judyjustjudyg
    Judy Razon worked in the Philippines as a television and video events writer and director for several national television shows, including lifestyle, real estate, men's lifestyle, cooking, sports and touring events. Curre... Read more
  • Julie McNamee

    Julie McNamee

    Born in Belfast and now living in London, Julie McNamee is involved in internet marketing as a day job and blogging as a hobby. She's interested in all things quirky and Fortean, as well as art, photography and theatre. Her b... Read more
  • Julie Sheridan

    Julie Sheridan

    GuiriGirlinBarca is written by native Scot Julie Sheridan, who left Edinburgh’s haar-stricken hills for the slightly sunnier shores... Read more
  • Justin Brown

    Justin Brown

    Justin Brown is the author of Kiwi Speak, Bowling Through India and the soon to be released - Myth New Zealand. He has always been interested in travel, new experiences and meeting new people. In addition to travel, his famil... Read more
  • Karen Shaw

    Karen Shaw

    Karen Shaw is known to be a hyper-active, hyper-critical creative wanderer. Working as a writer, director and producer, she dropped it all for a year of volunteer work and documentary filmmaking in Nigeria. Her blog capture... Read more
  • Kathy Drasky

    Kathy Drasky

    Twitter: @/kazzadraskmedia
    Kathy Drasky regularly writes about online culture. She also writes “US and Under,” a feature about the unique similarities and interesting differences between Australian and American culture on her blog KazzaDrask Media.... Read more
  • Kelli Mutchler

    Kelli Mutchler

    Kelli Mutchler left a small, Midwest American town to prove that Yanks can, and do, chose alternative lifestyles. On the road for five years now, Kelli has tried news reporting and waitressing, bungy jumping and English teac... Read more
  • Lainie Liberti

    Lainie Liberti

    Lainie Liberti is a recovering branding expert, who’s career once focused on creating campaigns for green - eco business, non-profits and conscious business. Dazzling clients with her high-energy designs for over 18 years, ... Read more
  • Laura Del Rosso

    Laura Del Rosso

    Laura Del Rosso started blogging when her book, Great Escapes: Northern California, was published. She writes about her most recent wanderings, day trips and weekend getaways, including San Francisco's vibrant neighborhoods, ... Read more
  • Leda Karabela

    Leda Karabela

    Twitter: @/ledaka
    Leda Karabela's career focus has been building alliances with and among institutional stakeholders, which spans 25 years of experience in international management, public affairs, strategic marketing and philanthropy. Her pri... Read more
  • Leen Al Zaben

    Leen Al Zaben

    Leen Al Zaben is a writer, foodie and photographer rolled into one. She is in the process of getting her masters in Creative Writing from the University of Oxford. When she isn’t studying, Leen spends her time traveling, co... Read more
  • Lindsey McClave

    Lindsey McClave

    Lindsey McClave has a deep love for food, wine and travel. While she has no intentions of becoming a chef or a sommelier and doesn't consider herself an expert in any culinary area, she is obsessed with learning. She sa... Read more
  • Linh Vien Thai

    Linh Vien Thai

    Linh Vien Thai is Amerasian, born in Dalat, South Vietnam, where he continued to lived during the war. He left for the U.S. and is now an American living in Tokyo. He enjoys adventure traveling and doing what's right to make ... Read more
  • Marcia Gagliardi

    Marcia Gagliardi

    Marcia Gagliardi is a freelance food writer in San Francisco. She writes a weekly column, Foodie 411 for the SFCVB on their “Taste” site; a monthly gossip column, “The Tablehopper” for The Northside; and regular featu... Read more
  • Marianne McPhee

    Marianne McPhee

    Marianne McPhee was born in London and has been a traveler throughout her life. She spent her summers in France and Spain on a boat, her teenage years living in the USA, and months backpacking through Europe and Morocco. She ... Read more
  • Mariellen Ward

    Mariellen Ward

    Mariellen Ward is a freelance travel writer whose personal style is informed by a background in journalism, a dedication to yoga and a passion for sharing the beauty of India's culture and wisdom with the world. She has trave... Read more
  • Matt Keighley

    Matt Keighley

    Matt Keighley was born in New Jersey, raised in Yorkshire, and is now living in Japan. He is a freelance writer and English Language Teacher currently based in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. His most recent work, aside from the bl... Read more
  • Matthew Buckland

    Matthew Buckland

    Matthew Buckland is a web entrepreneur, the GM of Publishing & Social Media at former GM of Mail & Guardian Online and co-founder of award-winning blog agregator Read more
  • Megan McDonough

    Megan McDonough

    Twitter: @/Bohemiantrails
    Megan Eileen McDonough is writer, blogger and social media specialist based in New York City. She also runs Bohemian Trails, a lifestyle blog designed for the savvy... Read more
  • Michael Tchong

    Michael Tchong

    Michael Tchong is the founder of Ubercool Inc. and a trend-tracking inspirational speaker who helps transform audiences worldwide. As the founder of five start-ups, he helped pioneer such sweeping changes as desktop publishin... Read more
  • Michele Colucci

    Michele Colucci

    Michele Colucci, CEO and Founder of, is a lawyer and serial entrepreneur. She was featured in Women 2.0's Female Founder Successes of 2009; was a Winner of the Girls in Tech's Catalyst Competition honoring top w... Read more
  • Michelle Kraus

    Michelle Kraus

    Dr. Michelle Kraus writes on regulatory and political issues concerning the environment, the economy, technology, social networks and the political landscape. After pioneering the use of advanced search and data applications ... Read more
  • MJ Klein

    MJ Klein

    Former field engineer MJ Klein now lives in Taiwan, and writes articles that primarily feature photographs of travels of MJ and wife Hui-chen, plus daily goings on in the bustling island nation of Taiwan, and other places in ... Read more
  • Mona Gable

    Mona Gable

    Mona Gable is a political blogger for The Huffington Post where her posts on the 2008 presidential election and on Hillary Clinton’s candidacy have been linked to by numerous websites, from ABC to The Drudge Report... Read more
  • Monty Dobson

    Monty Dobson

    Monty Dobson is an American archaeologist, historian and filmmaker, whose curiosity and passion for the human story has led him to travel the world. In addition to excavating Iron Age and medieval archaeological sites in Br... Read more
  • Naomi Kuwabara

    Naomi Kuwabara

    Naomi Kuwabara was born and raised in California but spent many summers in Japan growing up. She has spent time living in Hokkaido and Osaka, both meccas for Japanese cuisine. Her passion is cooking and sharing her experience... Read more
  • Natalie Petouhoff

    Natalie Petouhoff

    Twitter: @/drnatalie
    Dr. Nat is a leading expert, often quoted in the press and provides commentary as a guest expert on radio and television on how the top companies provide great experiences and retain loyal customers. She also writes about tec... Read more
  • Puneet Sidhu

    Puneet Sidhu

    Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu, travel enthusiast and the author of Adrift: A junket junkie in Europe is the youngest of four siblings born into an aristocratic family of Punjab. Dogged in her resistance to conform, and with parental... Read more
  • Rachael Cullins

    Rachael Cullins

    Rachael Cullins is a twentysomething American girl living in Dakar, Senegal, with her husband and two dogs. She blogs about her adventures in Senegal and travels elsewhere in West Africa. She will reside in Dakar until summer... Read more
  • Rachel Denning

    Rachel Denning

    Rachel Denning is an unassuming mother of five who never really did any international traveling until she had four children. After a second honeymoon to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, she and her husband decided to sell most of th... Read more
  • Renee Blodgett

    Renee Blodgett

    Twitter: @/magicsaucemedia
    Renee Blodgett is the founder of We Blog the World. The site combines the magic of an online culture and travel magazine with a global blog network and has contributors from every c... Read more
  • Rich Laburn

    Rich Laburn

    Rich Laburn is filmmaker, photographer and writer who is based at Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. Spending his time capturing scenes of the wild and communicating the beauty of the African bushveld, he runs the Londo... Read more
  • Robert Aiudi

    Robert Aiudi

    Robert Aiudi, a.k.a., The Language Chef, has been known to his friends and family as a “language junkie” nearly his entire life. He is fluent in many, conversational in others and can fake it through another large amount ... Read more
  • Robert Schrader

    Robert Schrader

    Robert Schrader is a travel writer and photographer who's been roaming the world independently since 2005, writing for publications such as "CNNGo" and "Shanghaiist" along the way. His blog, Leave Your Daily Hell, provides a ... Read more
  • Rory Keane

    Rory Keane

    Rory Keane is an American-born teacher and writer who has logged nearly two years in China, and is working on another year-long stint in the Middle Kingdom. He writes about travel, sociopolitical issues, health, entertainmen... Read more
  • Rosa Abbott

    Rosa Abbott

    Rosa Abbott is an arts, fashion and culture obsessive originating from Yorkshire, England, and currently living in Dublin, Ireland. On top of being a student at the illustrious Trinity College, she is a freelance journalist, ... Read more
  • Ryo Kubota

    Ryo Kubota

    Twitter: @RyoKbt
    Ryo Kubota is a staff writer at Transpheric Management in Tokyo as well as a freelance writer. He has covered Sports for the Nippon Newspaper Company in Tokyo and teaches at a private tutoring school in Iruma, Japan. Having s... Read more
  • Sambrita Basu

    Sambrita Basu

    Sambrita Basu is a food-fascinated travel writer and photographer based out of Bangalore India. A background and a degree in hospitality and restaurant management paved her interest in food. As the secretary of the institutio... Read more
  • Samia Shalabi

    Samia Shalabi

    Samia Shalabi is a Seattle based artist & designer, yogi and traveler who has roots in the Middle-East, was raised in the middle-west and is drawn to India. She has a degree in geology, has traveled all over the world wit... Read more
  • Sandi Scaunich

    Sandi Scaunich

    Blogger, social researcher, and mother, Sandi Scaunich writes about the culture, people, and places of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, and everything in between. With a masters degree in medical anthropology under her belt, sh... Read more
  • Sherry Ott

    Sherry Ott

    Sherry Ott is a refugee from corporate IT who is now a long term traveler, blogger, and photographer. She’s a co-founder of,... Read more
  • Shiraz Hassan

    Shiraz Hassan

    Twitter: @/shirazhassan
    Shiraz Hassan is a magazine reporter and feature writer for Sunday Magazine in Lahore, Pakistan, where he covers social issues, art and culture. At the magazine, he has published more than 400 features related to social probl... Read more
  • Shivya Nath

    Shivya Nath

    Twitter: @shivya
    Shivya Nath is an Indian girl who fell in love with traveling, writing and social media. The first is the most thrilling, because being from a protective Indian family means every travel plan comes with a small battle. She sa... Read more
  • Susan McKee

    Susan McKee

    Susan McKee is an independent scholar and freelance journalist specializing in history, culture and travel. She honed her craft as a general assignment reporter for more than a decade at a major metropolitan daily newspaper b... Read more
  • Tom Foremski

    Tom Foremski

    Tom Foremski is the Editor and Founder of the popular and top-ranked news site Silicon Valley Watcher, reporting on business and culture of innovation. He is a former journalist at the Financial Times and in 2004, became the ... Read more
  • Victoria Revay

    Victoria Revay

    Victoria Revay is a broadcaster, journalist and on-air personality. She has worked at BCTV on the Global Desk and regularly filled in for Pia Shandel's show on CFUN 1410 am as a radio producer. She was channel editor, ci... Read more
  • Yvonne DiVita

    Yvonne DiVita

    Twitter: @/y2vonne
    Yvonne DiVita is the author of Dick*less Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online, a book about getting those baby boomer icons Dick and Jane to buy at your website. She is also the president and founder of Windsor Media En... Read more