Island Hopping in the Seychelles


There are some destinations in the world which, while mentioned, will give any traveler goose bumps. The kind of places that evoke paradise on earth and make the regular nine to five worker dream of a better life, where warm white sand will heat his feet and a mango cocktail refresh his belly. The Seychelles are one of those destinations.

The number one destination for newlywed’s honeymooners and lovers form all horizons is world-wide famous for its romantic long powder-fine sand beaches, its clear turquoise blue water, its 30 degrees year round climate and is synonym with calm and relaxation. 

But, with more than a hundred islands, the archipelago has more to offer than just laying down on a deckchair.

If you are a quite the adventurous kind of travelers, the ones that wants to explore and discover every corner of a new place and want to fully enjoy your holidays in the Seychelles, then, you have to try island hopping.

Mahé Island

Mahé is a great way to start your journey, being the biggest Island of the Seychelles but host of the smallest capital city in the world: Victoria!

This is also where the international airport is, so there is a chance that you land there first on your arrival in the archipelago. Take this opportunity to visit the island where 90% of the population lives to discover the best of the culture the Seychelles have to offer, and embrace more particularly the wonderful creole cuisine with its delicious grilled seafood, coconut and other local fruits based dishes, a real delight for your mouth.

Take some time to visit Victoria and its famous clock tower, hang in the little markets all over the city, take a deep look at the fishing harbor and visit the museum of the city to learn about the origin of the Island. For the more adventurous and nature freaks amongst you, Mahé host a wonderful rainforest and a great 900 meters mountains which, while climbed, will provide you with a wonderful view on the paradisiac islands.


Praslin is located on the northern part of the island chain. The place offer really quiet and peaceful beaches that are considered the whitest in the world. This is the perfect location for a rest after the Mahé adventure. Lying down on the beach while drinking a papaya cocktail, swimming on the crystal water and snorkeling the wonderful sea life, are some recommended activities on Praslin.

If you want more to see, you can find in the heart of the Island the beautiful “Vallée de Mai”, a unique and protected jungle with rare palm trees and where you can discover the giant Seychelles nut.

Cerf Island

The very tiny Cerf Island will be perfect to get you closer to the nature. The Island with its only hundred inhabitants has no roads or shops… perfect for pictures hunting of rare animals and magical flowers. The protected Cerf Island has a very gorgeous and rich jungle that is crossed lengthwise by path that will allow you to get the best of it.

Most importantly, you will find on Cerf Island a great coral reef that is fully intact. This is the best spot to do some diving and discover the undersea wonders of the Seychelles.

There is of course a lot more to do in the Seychelles; this is just a first row of ideas. You can easily rent a boat and go on your own, discover the many uninhabited island, jungle and other natural wonders that offers the archipelago.

Tips before entering the Seychelles

  •  To enter the Seychelles you don´t need a Visa but a valid passport from your arrival to your departure.
  • You also need a proof of accommodation for your stay on the Island. If you are looking for some Island hopping accommodation idea you can visit the website Seyvillas.
  • You will also need to prove that you have enough money for your entire stay ( around 150$ a day)

This post was made possible by Seyvillas. Photo credits also from Seyvillas.


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