Buttons So Tasty You’ll Want to Bite Them Off Your Coat


bio trimmings hoyan ip
(All images: Hoyan Ip)

Hoyan Ip makes buttons that look so tasty you’ll want to bite them off your coat. But don’t. She’s put a lot of work into them.

bio trimmings hoyan ip process

Made from food waste that has been cooked, dried, crushed, blended and molded, these fashion accessories are both beautiful and sustainable. You might not realise it but manufacturing items like buttons use a lot of materials and create a lot of waste.

But not Hoyan’s buttons.

The Bio Trimmings Collection includes shoulder pads, buckles, buttons, and sequins (made from the holes of the buttons) and are all made from food that would otherwise have gone to waste.

bio trimmings hoyan ip food waste fashion

We’ve never seen food waste look so good.

(Spotted on GOOD)