Christmas Gifts: Say NO to Ties, Socks, Bubble Back – You Get the Idea


Southwark Circle's "No more socks" Christmas advertising campaign
(Image: suffolkcircle)

The people over at Money Saving Expert have come up with a clever way to reduce waste, save money and spare any embarrassment this festive season with their Christmas Pre-NUPP - The No Unnecessary Present Pact.

With each year that passes it seems we have more and more people we’re expected to buy presents for. Even when both sides don’t really want to. The Pre-NUPP takes away the stress and necessity of buying pointless presents just for the sake of it. Simply add the names of the people you want to rub off your shopping list and hit send.

Of course, you could just discuss it with your friends and family directly but the beauty of a fairly impersonal email makes the recipient feel part of a bigger movement, and not singled out as the person not getting a present from you this year.

The pre-NUPP isn’t anti-presents and it certainly isn’t for everyone on your gift list. It’s for those people that you feel obliged to buy for and therefore end up buying them something impersonal and a bit rubbish. Distant relatives, vague friends, the man on the other side of the office or the neighbour that sometimes picks up your parcels for you.

Socks christmas
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Rather than you both heading out into the busy shopping centres and spending a fiver on some jokey socks or another box of chocolates, just agree to wish each other a Merry Christmas instead. And rejoice in the shortening of your shopping list.