Design Meets Charcoal Meets Laundromat


Despite some very cautious stirring when cooking a vegetable curry last night, your favorite jumper is going to have to go in the wash anyway to blast away the overpowering capsicum aroma that seemed to follow you to the shop this morning as you threw it on to go and by some milk.

Up-and-coming British designer Lisa Marie Bengtsson has found a solution that sucks the scent from your clean (but slightly stinky) clothes without getting your washing machine to work overtime.

lisa marie bengtsson charcoal_shirt

The Bye Bye Laundry Hanger activated charcoal (yep, the stuff you put on your BBQ). Charcoal is an odor-absorber. It sucks the particles out of the air and traps them inside.

The charcoal sits in a bell-shaped chamber attached to the hanger above your beloved garment.

lisa marie bengtsson charcoal

(Spotted on Treehugger and all images from Lisa Marie Bengtsson).