Drinking Water Solar Style


marjan van aubel energy collection
(All images: Wai Ming Ng) 

We’ve all seen solar panels on roofs. But you probably haven’t seen one on your glass of water before.

marjan van aubel energy collection glasses

This new design, by Marjan Van Aubel called The Energy Collection is a set of glasses that have a layer of dye synthesized solar cells inside. This is basically a solar panel that works by using colour to create energy (a bit like how leaves are green for photosynthesis to work).

marjan van aubel energy collection phone charger

The glasses are constantly working and collecting up energy. Then when you place them back in the cupboard, they transfer this energy into a battery that can be used to power a lamp, charge up your phone or whatever else you need electricity for.

Pretty clever eh?

P.S. Did you know solar panels are contagious?

(Spotted on Inhabitat)