Casino Heaven: Top 5 Places To Gamble In The World


While I’m not the biggest fan of casinos and gambling, there is something appealing about casino resorts themselves. Here’s a top 5 casino resorts in the world for you, in no particular order but remember that there are plenty of other things to do in these places aside from betting.

1. Macau

Bordering mainland China at Zhuhai and only a ferry trip from Hong Kong , I’m a big fan of Macau. While the casinos rope you in and are extremely easy on the eye, I also LOVE the old style Portuguese buildings which grace Macau’s streets. There is a lot more to Macau than casinos. Wander to your hearts content round the old city and try the local food. Old City and Taipa and Colonial Macau are worth checking out too!

2. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Similarly to Macau, Monaco is one of those “is it or isn’t it a country?” type places. Personally I’m all for division (being Northern Irish and all that!) so I class Monaco as a country. Within its compounds is the elaborate Monte Carlo Casino, yachts you’ll never afford and beaches. At least that’s the impression I get. I’ll never forget the Only Fools and Horses (an English sitcom) episode where Del Boy and Rodney headed there and lost their millions…when my backpack takes me to Monaco I may well need to splash out!

3. Atlantic City, USA

Again Atlantic City is not just about Casinos. There’s a beach and a boulevard boardwalk by the sea. Rumour has it that the idea for the board game monopoly came from here. I was slightly intrigued and baffled by this – always thought it was an English thing. But here in the USA Atlantic City offers a Casino extravaganza away from Las Vegas. Check out some of the hotels Atlantic City has to offer and of course don’t miss the bars and restaurants here either. I’d hazard a guess it’s not too cheap either though. Perhaps that’s why you need to get betting! 

4. Las Vegas, USA

We can’t miss out on Vegas after all. Take in the strip, each and every one and find your favorites. 

5. Singapore

I normally try to ignore and forget about Singapore. It’s one of my least favorite destinations. Sure, the Night Safari was cool and I loved my Singapore Sling at the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel, but the place never endeared itself to me. However it makes my top 5 casino resorts. With the Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World at Sentosa, they are trying to get up there with Macau. Macau wins hands down for me, but still if you’re in “the Pore” go check the casinos out.

Top photo credit: listverse. com.