Dolphin Watching in Panglao, Philippines


Jonny Blair dolphin watching in Panglao Philippines

Dolphin watching is a popular pastime and an easy one to enjoy. Just sit back, relax and view some dolphins jumping up out of the water. If you end up dolphin watching in Panglao in the Philippines, here’s a quick guide.

How to organize Dolphin Watching in Panglao

As with a lot of things, it doesn’t need to be booked in advance and is very easy to organize. You will be offered options to go while you’re walking along Alona Beach, or hotel might also offer it, but it’s best to book it on the day.

dolphin watching in panglao

Logistics for Dolphin Watching in Panglao:

We paid 1,500 Pesos in the end, for 2 people. Wait until you have done the dolphin watching first and they will take you to Balicasag Island for snorkelling – we also did this and note that there’s an additional entrance fee (50 Pesos) for the island and a further amount for the snorkelling.

Will you see Dolphins?

It’s not guaranteed but we saw them, and everyone we spoke to also saw them so I’d say it’s a high chance you will see dolphins! You’re in the Philippines remember – a paradise!

dolphin watching in Panglao with Dont Stop Living

The trip will also include the snorkeling as mentioned, as well as a trip to a remote island nicknamed “Virgin Island” – it’s a tropical remote paradise worth checking out.

5.30 am heading dolphin watching:

On Alona Beach before the dolphin watching:

Dolphin watching in Panglao in 4 parts: