Indonesian Food Buffet Style in Yogyakarta


On an essential day long tour of the Yogyakarta region of Indonesia, we took time out in the heat to sample an Indonesian Buffet, more complete with a few Bintang beers, the way to chill out over lunch in Southeast Asia.



















Now, for our lunch.

Indonesian buffet food Yogyakarta

The restaurant was inside the walls called The Kraton, in Yogyakarta. It was an all you can eat buffet and in the heat and having not eating since 7am, we got tore into it.

Asian tea drenched eggs and chicken and vegetables

Beef casserole and beansprouts

Indonesian Yellow Rice in Yogyakarta

Indonesian Steamed Rice and Fried Rice in Yogyakarta

Friday's Featured Food in Indonesia

Indonesian buffet in Yogya

Bintang Beer to wash it all down with - Indonesia's finest!

Local Indonesian music in Yogyakarta

 Photo credits: Malioboro Street in Yogyakarta shot is from Other shots by Jonny on-site.