Japanese Band Kao-S Have Knock Out Austin Performance at SXSW


Meet the exotic and dramatic Kaori, who performed at a venue in Austin during South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival as well as on the street. She’s not alone however, she’s part of a band called Kao=S (in other words CHAOS), but before I introduce you to her team, take a look at her beautiful, mysterious, colorful drama-rich dancing, a style I couldn’t get enough of.

The mask was part of her “play.”

Most of the time on btw but she did expose her face, particularly at the end.

From scarves to sweeping and long lunges, she kept going. I uploaded the below photo at an angle on purpose, as a toast to their name: CHAOS or in Japanese Kao=S.

In a trance? Hard to tell, but most definitely a zone, one which was intoxicating.

Final drama.

And now, it’s time to meet her cohorts: Shuji, Jack and Daisuke. They call themselves a Japanese Rock Band with Tsugaru-Shamisen, Shakuhachi, Guitar and Katana.

This Japanese group creates an extremely original performance of beauty and passion. They perform songs with Tsugaru-Syamisen, Shakuhachi, and Acoustic Guitar, twin vocal of man and woman, and Japanese-Sword dance. Their style is a fusion of Japanese tradition and modern rock music. Kaori, Jack and Shuji started Kao = S in April 2011 in Tokyo. Kaori Kawabuchi (vocals / sword dancer) is an actress, and a sword performer. She has performed as a motion actor in the FINAL FANTASY Video Game series while Jack is a player of Tsugaru-Syamisen in Rock style and calls himself a Syamisenist. He has performed in many countries, which include the U.S, Europe and Asia. Shuji Yamagiri (vocal / guitar) is a leader and main songwriter whose lead is the acoustic guitar.

They were one of my favorite surprises at SXSW this year since they came out of nowhere and were not on my original “must see,” list. We recommend that if you have a chance to see them, they should be on yours. They’ll apparently be in Germany this summer, performing in Nippon Connection in Frankfurt am Main in June 2013.