USB Socket, A Must-Have TV Accessory in North Korea


Fascinating (and sobering) article on watching television in North Korea from New Focus International:

The second feature is miniaturization. Ms Kim said that in order not to be caught by surveillance officers, people prefer small, portable TVs that are easy to hide. She said that the latest must-have item is a miniature TV with a USB socket.

Kim Yoon-suk, who escaped North Korea six months ago, said, “Recently, people have begun trading USBs loaded with episodes of South Korean TV dramas. That’s because USB sticks are easier to hide than CDs. When I watch dramas on a miniature TV with an attached USB stick, I feel more relaxed. Even if the security officer makes a surprise visit, I can just take out the USB and say that I have not been watching anything illegal.”

…puts the issues around the geo-locking of iPlayer in context.