The Magical Colors of Singapore’s Haji Lane


There is no such thing as graffiti on this side of the planet.  But the sad thing is, I love graffiti and am such a huge fan of Keith Harring and any random artist that can make a funky, colorful wall/lamp post/bench.

It’s always nice to have an element of quirky even in the most mundane of things.

Though many places in Singapore glistens with steel and glass all assembled into architectural marvels, I still prefer heading over to the well-preserved communities and shop houses of the city.

As I was organizing my files just this weekend, I chanced upon a photo of my foavorite artsy hub in Singapore: Haji Lane. 

  • Brianmcquillan

    Haji lane is in the Kampong Glam neigh boyhood of Singapore.

  • Escape Hunter

    There is such a thing as street art in Singapore… Great!