Taiwan’s Choir-Like, Well, Maybe Worse Winter Olympics Outfits


An interesting piece in the WSJ about Taiwan’s Winter Olympics team which has acclaimed to have tongues wagging even though it is unlikely to bring home any medals from the Sochi Games.

It’s about fashion baby, the blue outfits worn at Friday’s opening ceremony, with some observers suggesting that Taiwan is the worst-dressed team at the Olympics.

Quoted from the WSJ piece – “From a distance, we assumed they had just gotten back from choir practice. These floor-length coats are neither practical nor attractive, unless of course you’re planning on doing some house painting or joining a cult for the winter,” Greg Wyshyniski wrote on Yahoo Sports.

Then we learn that the uniform was sponsored by Mizuno, a Japanese sports equipment and clothing brand. Crikey – talk about bad marketing and branding. An executive from the company said the blue color was representative of Taiwan, and that the wind-resistant overcoats were highly functional, according to CNA.  Gotta admit, whoever designed these outfits don’t really get design – a cross between choir and prison outfits is more like it.

Three athletes from Taiwan are competing in Sochi: Sung Ching-yang in speed skating, Mackenzie Blackburn in short track, and Lien Te-an in luge.

Original piece from http://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/.