2013, the Year of Banning Bottled Water


water bottles
(Image of water bottles via Shutterstock) 

As of 1st January 2013, plastic water bottles that are 1L or smaller were banned in Concord, a town in Massachusetts, USA.

It’s the result of a three year campaign lead by Jean Hill to help stem the buying of single use water bottles.

According to the Ban the Bottle website, ”In 2007, Americans consumed over 50 billion single serve bottles of water. With a recycling rate of only 23%, over 38 billion bottles end up in landfills.”

landfill waste plastic bottle
(Image: envirosax)

It might not be an all out ban on all bottles, and it might only be in one town. But by placing a barrier against buying a plastic bottle of water, it makes people stop, think and ultimately change their behaviour.

You’ve got to start somewhere. And this looks like a great starting point to us.

  • Mary H Goudie

    About time too. These insidious little parasites to the environment are a curse that most of us think of as a convenience but are blight on the landscape that most of us don’t even think about. A case of out of sight out of mind. I have lived long enough to remember life without them when a stop at a Lisbon cafe to have a glass of water in a proper glass was a welcome respite from the hot summer days we get here. I certainly did not die of thirst.