Head to Belgium to Sleep in a Giant Human Colon


We’ve heard of hotels where you sleep on ice and ones where you  hang out with animals. Then there are hotels where you can sleep in a tree house, out with the gorillas, or with views of elephants swinging their trunks. There are boat houses where you can sleep and places that allow you to put your head on a pillow attached to a hammock on some remote island beach. But a hotel that is shaped like a giant human colon?












The name is Hotel CasAnus and it has all the elements of a fabulous getaway. Located on a small island, between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders, Belgium, the hotel is actually designed like a humongous intestinal tract, complete with an anus replica. No, I’m not kidding.










Hotel CasAnus is run by Belgian art collectors, Geert and Carla Verbeke-Lens, who purchased the anatomical masterpiece to add to their 30-acre Verbeke Foundation sculpture park. Nope, I’m still not kidding. They describe the experience: “guests are really happy to sleep undisturbed in a place surrounded by nature. They can see black swans and frogs and discover the stars in the night sky, as well as visiting all our different exhibitions. More and more travelers are coming to us from all over the world to explore what they call a ‘unique place’.”

If this doesn’t fall under the unusual, odd and eclectic, I don’t know what does. If you’re after unique experiences, Belgium may be your next stop. And, it’s apparently not that expensive either and is surrounded by nature and glorious skies. (providing its not getting that Belgian rain).

Photos: Anda Van Riet / Verbeke Foundation