London: Top 5 Things to do Rain or Shine


England in the summer, rain and all! There should probably be some kind of law enforced that it always has to be sunny on a weekend.  Waking up and pushing back the curtains to the harsh patter of rain slapping against your window doesn’t exactly to inspire diving out of the front door shouting ‘carpe diem bitchesss’. However, since I live in England, rainy summers are kinda something I have got used to.  I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite things to do in London when the sun don’t shine. Here are six fun things to do in London, rain or shine.

1. Potter at Spitalfields Market  

doughnuts spitalfields

2. Snuggle at the Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch 

aubin cinema shoreditch

Snuggle up on your own personal velvet sofa under a thick tartan rug at this bougie cinema in East London.

Packed full of trinkets, art and clothing, London’s oldest market is a great place to while away the hours whilst it rains.  Be sure to pick up one of the delicious doughnuts from the stall in the market for browsing sustenance.

3. Go to Soho for Music

music shop london

Live the musican dream by heading to the Tottenham Court Road end of the Charring Cross Road to pluck at  a guitar or play a piano.  Dive in and out of the many music shops like a rock star and then head to Foyles for a nice cuppa.

4. Swim in the Rain

london fields lido

There’s something awesome about swimming in the rain… steam pouring off the warm water as the cool rain patters down. Dreamy.  I recommend London Fields lido.

 5. Take in the Elements

running in the rain

Grab your iPod and your running gear and head for the park.  Regents, Hyde Park and St James’s Park are my favourites. They’ll be empty, the rain will keep you cool and you’ll release all those endorphins to make you feel great even when it rains!