Love BRITISH FOOD: It’s British Food Fortnight


British Food Fortnight is up and running. Run by Love British Food, it’s two whole weeks of celebrating, buying and eating delicious, seasonable food grown in the UK.

Whether you’ve been growing your own courgettes or can’t stop snacking on British strawberries, this fortnight is the time to shout about it.

Far beyond just fish and chips, tea and the roast dinner, we Brits are pretty adept at cooking up a feast. And we can do it from our very own back gardens (or the back gardens of the friendly farmer down the road).

British food is the bee’s knees and something for us all to proud of. And to prove it restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops up and down the country are holding events, giving out discounts and generally just rejoicing in serving you some good, healthy, home grown grub.

Plus there will be an abundance of food and drink festivals, patriotic menus in hospitals, family feasts in children’s centres and above all, plenty of good old fashioned British fun. Not to mention a slight respite from all that sport talk that’s going on.

(Image: Finedininglovers) 

Buying British is a brilliant way of giving back to our great country. And buying local is the best way to keep money in your own community. What’s more, the food wont have traveled miles and miles to get to you and will be fresher and tastier because of it. It’s bloody good news all round really.

To see what’s happening in your neck of the woods, check out the British Food Fortnight website which has a list of all the events taking place in the UK.

So raise a glass of your finest elderflower cordial, put a knotted hanky on your head and have a jolly good two weeks, what!