Want to Burn Off Those Mince Pie Calories From Christmas?


mince pies shutterstock

Want to burn off the mince pies you’ve been scoffing and win a Kindle Fire? Urm, is Santa a jolly fat man that loves wearing red? Of course you do.

UK charity Living Streets aimed at making our streets safer and nicer to wander along (which in turn makes us want to be out and about on them which makes us healthier, happier and part of the community), have a Mince Pie Calculator on their site to help you work out how many festive treats you’ve burned off by walking.

living streets mince pie

Jumping off the bus a stop early, walking to the shop for milk and wandering over to your friends house without your car keys will all add up to a smaller waist (or more mince pies), a fatter wallet and possibly a Kindle Fire.

mince pie calculator walking streets

Oh dear, I think I’d better head out for a brisk walk.

Photo credit: Shutterstock (top).