Tallinn’s Schlössle Hotels, Where Boutique & Elegance Meet Luxury


Situated in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, the St. Petersbourg Hotel is a luxury hotel rich in medieval charm. The Schlössle Hotels are small but luxurious. Each hotel is a “Grand Hotel” in miniature, tucked away amidst the cobblestone streets of the romantic cities of Eastern Europe. Elegance, comfort, sophistication and taste are the hallmarks of each individually designed hotel. The hotels offer an environment of peace and tranquillity; a haven away from everyday cares and busy work schedules.

This intimate hotel, which is surrounded by Medieval and Hanseatic architecture, has been carefully restored to reflect the historic style of the capital’s Russian merchants and is an elegant retreat for a modern traveler. They have 27 rooms & suites, which have been individually designed to reflect the Russian merchants’ style. The building itself dates back to the 15th century when a wealthy Russian merchant purchased the property and had it redesigned by the famous architect August Gabler.

Above and below is a suite I stayed in this past spring. (located at the end of the hallways in the corner rooms)

The stairway from the very elegant lobby area which takes you to the upper rooms.

The restaurant where we had an exquisite meal on our last night in Tallinn.

Also nestled in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, is another intimate Schlössle property, the Schlössle Hotel, a quaint boutique hotel that will take you back to Estonia’s medieval past.  The Schlössle Hotel is on a narrow cobblestone street where, in the past, numerous storage buildings and merchants’ houses were located.

The street was called after Tallinn’s famous Church of the Holy Spirit, which it passes by, and was a principal road leading from the central market to the harbour. Over the years, thousands have passed this way, among them Tallinn’s finest, and today visitors cannot help but be awe-struck when they realise that they are walking where merchants lived and traded over 500 years ago.


“Schlössle” has painstakingly preserved all the ancient structural details of the building and restored them to their original splendour. The majestic limestone central chimney has been almost untouched by the passing centuries. The building features cut stone ornamentations, small spiral staircases, and the living chambers have irregular corners and wall niches, giving guests the unique experience of stepping back in time into the grand architecture of Tallinn’s Medieval ages.

Subtle mural paintings next to historical stone walls decorate the generous lobby area. Petit lamps on walls and desks create a perfect and haimish ambiance. Massive wooden beams and poles together with several seating-accommodations round the lavish merchants’ style of the whole room.

Below is a shot of one of the rooms.

The exterior of the hotel perfectly matches its historical surroundings.

Cigar Lounge

They also tout a Cigar Lounge, which is encircled by massive stone walls. Here you can choose a cigar from their private selection or if cigars aren’t you thing, order a glass of Cognac in a House of Lords atmosphere. During the summer and spring, you can have breakfast or a snack in their outside courtyard under a shady tree, surrounded by blossoms and blooms.

Below is a map to give you an idea of where both hotels are relative to other attractions and sites.


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