Aventures Des Toiles Fuses Painting & Printing Techniques Into Fashionable Garments


I discovered an incredibly creative and interesting boutique in Paris this past December called Aventures des Toiles. It is located on 38 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la Bretonnerie in Paris and as soon as I walked in the shop, I knew it would be difficult to leave quickly.


































The adventure began around ten years ago. Isabelle Hervé’s paintings were displayed in the studios of Avance Diffusion and they turn out to be a new way to do designing clothing. The fusion of painting and new printing techniques enables the Aventures des Toiles label to create its authentic and poetic identity.

As you walk in, you see various paintings throughout the store and in each section, there are designs manufactured in different color palettes in the theme of her artwork. The manufacture of materials, the color schemes and the dyeing process after spinning and weaving are all the essential skills required for the finished garment. (note there’s thread on top of tables and wardrobes in the store in the precise colors of the garments, adding to the already authentic feeling place).
























Here I’m standing in front of the artwork that the coat I’m trying on is inspired by. This will help you get the connection and the concept.













Their mantra is around combining poetry and quality, to give freedom of artistic creation. The label applies a contemporary touch and develops models where the individuality of the garment transfers itself to the body on which it is worn. Within each collection profile, the painting is embedded in the detail of the garment like a secret jewel; it makes its nest in the corner of a pocket, between two layers, giving a mere hint, in the background, in the embroidery. The fabric creation no longer imitates the painting, it sets itself free, becomes softer, surrounding the body and moving freely.

I love this concept and the store. Walk around their shop with me – you’ll see what I mean!


































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