The Art & Color in Charles De Gaulle’s Bathrooms


There’s something about landing in Paris that always takes you into a place of self absorption and you wonder why the French themselves might be self absorbed or earn the arrogant reputation that so many tourists give them?

Frankly, after a couple of hours there, it just feels so justified to me and that arrogance isn’t half what it was ten years ago. Tell me how many airport bathrooms have this kind of style, class, elegance and style? After a long 14 hour flight, I land at Charles De Gaulle airport to re-discover these brightly pink, fun colored painted walls in the airport bathroom. It’s an intro to what to expect in the days and weeks ahead for anyone who is visiting. Paris shows you even through the airport that the place matters – it oozes decadence, class, culture, style and energy. In this case feminine energy. God I love this city.





























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