Food & Getting Healthy at Munich’s Westin Grand Hotel


Last week, I attended an event at Munich’s Westin Grand Hotel. The morning started off with a healthy breakfast from the new Super FoodsRx menu. Starwood Hotels have started to make their hotel restaurants healthier for travelers by offering more nutritional meals. As someone who’s always on the go and often eats fast and cheap food, having a hotel that offers local, fresh and healthy foods is a big plus. I have grown tired of fast food, and have sworn off the legendary döner kebab here in Germany.

healthy sandwiches

apples for breakfast


Healthier eating is just one part of the revamped Adam, though. I’ve also taken it upon myself to get outside more. I have made some changes in my habit and lifestyle. I’ve found one of the best ways to move forward is to push yourself and set goals within a timeline. And so I’ve started pushing myself away from the computer screen and out there on the pavement! Running or walking, it’s nice to be outside more.

Westin hotel Munich