New Concept in Europe for the Vegetable Lover


misshapen vegetables

Some time-rich supermarket shoppers make it their mission to rifle through the veg trays and pick out the most perfectly symmetrical pepper possible – a process which involves carefully inspecting each one as if they were a jeweller studying a Fabergé egg.

Culinary Misfits is a new concept restaurant for the slightly more frivolous vegetable lover. The German catering service are gathering up the poor rejected items that don’t make it to the fruit and veg aisle due to imperfections and create unique mouth-watering dishes.

wonky carrots

Culinary Misfits say that almost half of the crops harvested for human consumption don’t pass quality control because they aren’t as stunningly attractive as the others. The restaurant values these vegetables for their inner beauty, yet the weird and wonderful shapes that some of these veggies morph into would certainly make a very eye-catching dish. Bowl of Crooked Parsnip and Twisted Cucumber Soup anyone?

With the rising issue of global food price inflation and the uneven spread of food across the world we should think about cutting down on food wastage by giving our leftovers a second life and having some sympathy for ‘misfit’ produce.

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  • Mary H Goudie

    Just great when you find one of these – check out my Devil Tomato

  • Mary Goudie