The Shakespeare Hotel in Vilnius, Where Late Baroque Style Meets the Literary Greats


Vilnius Lithuania may not have the extensive offering of luxury and boutique hotels that neighboring Estonia’s Tallinn has, but there are some quaint and historical properties that will bring visitors back in time. I stayed at The Shakespeare Hotel, which is located in the very heart of Vilnius old town during my visit there this Spring.

Originally part of a palace, it was was built in the 18th century in the late baroque style. The noble families of Lopachinsky, Kosakowsky, and Olizars were the owners of the palace, and some sources hint that the palace was used for secret gatherings of the mason fraternity.

The guests of Shakespeare hotel in Vilnius have precious opportunity to experience two ages at the same time: on the one hand, it’s cozy old England, on the other hand, it’s luxury modern hotel, situated in the old town “oasis”, surrounded by modern business centers. Each room has its own name, usually a famous literary great or a Shakespeare play, such as the Romeo & Juliet room, which has a small hot tub. Others include Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickins, The Tolsoy, Queen Elizabeth I, Hemingway Room, Mark Twain, Voltaire, the Hugo and others.

While I wouldn’t call it a luxury hotel, it is quaint, historic and charming. A few examples of the rooms below.

My favorite part of the place was its ideal location in old town and the restaurant, which is located upstairs and touts more charm than any of the rooms combined. In addition to dinner, they serve breakfast and snacks as well, which include scrambled eggs with ham, smoked salmon or mushrooms, Lithuanian style eggs, which apparently are roasted eggs, ham, onion, mushrooms and greens and omelettes. You can also get Scotch pancakes, crepes with curd cheese, porridge, fruit salad or a variety of cereals.

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