Celebrating the Birthday of Famous Scottish Poet Robert Burns


burns night supper

Happy Burns Day, Night, Week….all in celebration of the birthday of Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet. And so, we’re about to embrace all things Scottish. Yep, even that Scottish man on the bus. Go on, give him a hug.

To help you on your way to a great Burns Supper you’ll need:


A haggis, of course. Organic is great. Or vegetarian for those of you going easy on the meat (or are just plain repulsed by the idea).

neeps turnips suedes

Neeps. That’s turnips to you non-Scots. In season right now and delicious to boot. Last year we wrote a poem about neeps, complete with some classic Scottish words and phrases to get you in the mood. Tatties. By which we mean potatoes, another seasonal veg.


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Whisky. Another Scottish staple. If you don’t have any, you can make some out of wee, like the Gilpin family. Although we don’t recommend it.

Some Burns’ poetry. It is his birthday after all. Some bagpipe music, for when you bring in the haggis.

And of course, the Address to a Haggis, to be read out to your meal before you stab it with a large knife.

Drink sensibly, stab your haggis responsibly and read poetry freely. Happy Burns Night!