Explore the Horizon and Always Be Your Best


There’s no limitation on human beings – although it’s difficult to define what’s human. I felt in this way after I’ve read this post (from Matt Mullenweg’s Tweet) – Our growth speed is not imaginable since it’s too fast to catch up. Well said Ray Kurzweil, “our future is much closer to SciFi rather than mere analyses”

At the same time there’s limitation on human beings. Although I believe spacial restriction is any longer our limit in the 21st Century, the age people belong to the cloud and not to the nations, yet we still have a limit in terms of time; every one of us gets old and die in a century.

The limited life is inevitable and because it’s limited our life is beautiful.

My conclusion is simple; always be your best. We cannot control our destiny but confront it, we cannot see what’s gonna happen tomorrow yet we can prepare for it. I will explore the horizon I can’t see now. I can’t see it, and that’s why it’s always fun and exciting.