Go Easy on the Meat: Getting Intimate With Split Fava Beans….


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Split fava beans. Cooked in Moroccan besara, Egyptian falafels and Indian dal. Grown in…Britain?

Yep, that’s right. Grown in good old Blighty. You might not know it but Britain used to grow bucket loads of dried beans and peas before we went so bonkers over meat. And now Hodmedod, a new sustainable food company, is bringing them back to our shelves, our lives and our diets.

dried beans and peas hodmedods

Fava beans, Kabuki peas and even the elusive Black Badger peas – Britain is growing them all. And Hodmedod are putting these home-grown pulses back on our plates. So go Easy On The Meat and try some local dried beans and peas instead. ? Che

(All images: Hodmedod)