Molecule: New York City’s Latest Take on Tap Water



For people who like to pay for their tap water, have it served in bottles, filtered through $25,000 machines, spiked with vitamins of their own choosing and blessed by monks, this is the place for you.

Molecule is a new cafe in New York that sells tap water. But not just your regular, straight out the tap tap water. This stuff has been put through a seven stage, $25,000 machine to rid it of anything that isn’t pure H2O.

(Image: OddityCentral)

And it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve taken everything out, you can start adding stuff back in. From a menu of vitamins and minerals, thirsty customers can choose to add in all sorts of health supplements to help with anything from seeing better in the dark to anti-aging.

(Image: DNAinfo/Serena Solomon)

And you can’t go drinking tap water that hasn’t been blessed by monks first. Adam Ruhf, the co-founder of Molecule told the Wall Street Journal he plans to “counteract critics with a weekly naming ceremony to imbue its water with personality and Sunday blessings involving religious figures from all faiths, including Tibetan monks and pagan worshipers.”


But some people are lapping it up. One woman described it as ‘easy drinking’ (I know right, that regular tap water is just so damn hard to swallow sometimes).

We’re all for drinking local tap water and shunning the flown in, bottled stuff. But we’re a little worried that ventures like this will make people believe that their tap chucks out nasty, chemical ridden water that needs to be treated before drinking.

In the majority of the Western world, we’re blessed with safe, drinkable tap water. It undergoes more rigorous testing than bottled water does. Not to mention that numerous taste tests have been completed around the world proving that most of us not only can’t tell the difference but also prefer our lovely tap water au naturale.

But then again, we haven’t tried tap water blessed by the Pope.

(Spotted on PSFK)